Disambiguous This article is about is about the enemy in Mass Effect 3. For other uses, see Geth Turret.
Geth Turrets are an enemy unit in Mass Effect 3. Geth Primes deploy Geth Turrets to serve as fire support on the battlefield.

Capabilities Edit


Geth Turrets function more like the powers Sentry Turret or Geth Turret than those deployed by the Cerberus Combat Engineer. Geth Turrets have a moderate rate of fire and do moderate damage; however, if left alive for an extended period of time, it can easily kill unwary players.


Geth Turrets have only a weak layer of shields and no other protection. Their shields will regenerate over time.

Tactics Edit

  • One should eliminate the Turrets as quickly as possible. While they do not inflict a large amount of damage per shot, the damage can quickly add up. This is especially true if you are being pummeled by multiple enemies.
  • A powerful weapon or high level tech powers are very effective, capable of taking these small turrets out in one go.
  • When a Geth Prime sticks its arm out, you should do an immediate scan of your surroundings as Geth Primes can use these to flank you. Not doing this can result in the turret taking by you by surprise if your shields and/or health are low.
  • Using Overload with the chain evolution on a Geth Prime will quickly dispatch the Geth Turrets and Combat Drones it has deployed.
  • On certain maps, Turrets will consistently be placed on top of cover by Primes. This allows them to shoot at players attempting to hide from the Primes in that piece of cover, which can be devastating on higher difficulties.
  • Unlike most enemies, Geth Turrets will unfailingly target and attack players under the effect of Tactical Cloak, even at long ranges.
  • On lower difficulties, an un-upgraded Energy Drain will instantly destroy it.
  • If used against Geth Turrets, Tactical Scan will kill them instead of causing its normal effects.