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A new email is waiting for you from Gil.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Stage a Rescue

After finishing either prerequisite and returning to the Tempest, speak to Gil Brodie. Once the subject of poker has been raised, Gil sends an email inviting Pathfinder Ryder to a game.

Walkthrough Edit

Read email from Gil Edit

Poker awaits!
To: Ryder
From: Gil
Ryder, the bell tolls for thee. Meet me in the Vortex on the Nexus. I'll be the one shuffling the deck of doom.


Meet Gil at the Vortex Edit

Gil will be waiting in The Vortex on the Nexus. Talk with him to play a game of poker. SAM privately informs Ryder that he can give an advantage during the game.

If you accept, Ryder will end Gil's winning streak. If you decline, Gil thrashes Ryder handily. Either way, Gil tells you more about his friend Jill.

If you win by cheating and then confess to the deed, Gil just laughs it off.

The mission is complete once the conversation is over.

Rewards Edit

  • None
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