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Location: Milky WayPetra NebulaVetus System Fifth planet

Prerequisite: Priority: Palaven (Mass Effect 3)


The largest object in the Klein Belt, Gilead is a stony dwarf planet of rock and ice, mined for its nickel. It is notable for a recent collision with another asteroid. The residents had several weeks of advance warning and set up recording devices before they evacuated the planet. After selling footage of the asteroid strike to extranet news corporations, the residents found they were now somewhat famous--as well as a little wealthier than before. Of the 221 residents, all but 25 proceeded to leave the nickel business.


  • In keeping with the theme of many locations in the Petra Nebula being named after locations in the Levant, it is likely that Gilead was named after a region in what is now Jordan.
  • Gilead's capital city, Ephesus, was the name of an Ancient Greek city which is located in what is present day Turkey.