MEA Journal - Kadara
Scavengers are stealing turbine parts from the wind farm outside Kadara Port. An exile named Aislin has enlisted your help to bring the parts back.

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Aislin in the Varren's Scalp region northwest of Kadara Port (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon).

Walkthrough Edit

Find stolen turbine parts Edit

Go to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconlocated in the Haarfel region on Kadara. Fast travel to the Forward Station and head south. Just south of the navpoint is an All Terrain Hauler that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Examine the debris Edit

There are dead scavengers on the ground. Something got to them first and destroyed the missing turbines. The answer to what's going on comes in the form of an attacking Ancient Eiroch.

Defeat ancient eiroch Edit

Eliminate the Ancient Eiroch.

There are a number of lootable containers in the area.

Return to Aislin Edit

Aislin is disappointed that the turbine parts are beyond repair but at least the scavengers plaguing the wind farm are gone.

The mission is considered complete at this point and the reward is given. HOWEVER, before leaving, there are two missions that are not in the Journal that can be completed at this location. Both are very easy and only take a moment to complete.

Patrol Schedule

At the wind farm, there is a krogan bodyguard named Rotan outside of a room. Talking with him, he remarks how suspicious it is that scavengers keep raiding the wind farm when he's off duty.

Inside the room, Pathfinder Ryder will find an asari. Scanning her will reveal that she is under the influence of the drug Oblivion. Reading the three emails on the terminal nearby reveals that someone named Niath is tipping off the scavengers for the purpose of obtaining Oblivion; it can be surmised that Niath is the asari in the room. There is also a container in the room to loot.

Patrol Schedule

We'll be hitting the farm again soon. Drop off the krogan's patrol schedule in the usual spot.


RE: Patrol Schedule
Please, K. I don't want to do this anymore. People are getting suspicious.

RE: Patrol Schedule
You want credits for Oblivion? Get us the patrol schedule.


After reading the emails, talk with Rotan again to inform him of Niath's betrayal and collect +270 XP.

Broken Turbine

West of Aislin, an asari is trying to fix a Broken Turbine. When Ryder scans the turbine (+10 Rd icon milkyway orange), SAM says it's easy to fix. Interact with the turbine and collect +270 XP. The asari makes a very crude remark to Ryder after fixing the turbine.

Rewards Edit

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