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Groto Ib-ba is a batarian mercenary, and a member of the Blue Suns mercenary band in 2165.

Mass Effect: Revelation[]

In 2165, Groto is part of the Blue Suns when they are contracted by Edan Had'dah, a wealthy batarian, to attack and destroy the human research base at Sidon. Although Groto isn't directly involved in the attack, he shares in the bounty of the operation: the Blue Suns all get an equal share of the contract fee, regardless of participation in the actual attack on Sidon. However, his knowledge of Blue Suns activity attracts the attention of Saren Arterius, a Spectre who is investigating the attack on Sidon.

When Groto chooses to spend his credits at a high-class brothel called the Sanctuary, intending to hire a human consort for the evening and take out his hatred of humans on her, Saren acts. The Spectre brutally tortures Groto until he reveals that Sidon has not gone completely as planned – that a female human has survived the attack on Sidon – and Skarr has been sent to find and kill her. Once Saren has what he needs, he murders Groto by breaking his neck.