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HOME Group is an incorporated collective that holds a number of assets on or around Earth. HOME Group owns Home Away, an Earth-orbit space station designated as the flagship satellite for the group's planned fleet of similar structures. HOME Group board members typically enjoy generous perks like company meetings at exotic Earth locations.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Initiation[]

HOME Group has a chain of associations with UNIN through board member and UNIN politician Alis Silhaus that effectively means a publicly accountable government body has taken over funding of Home Away for the delegate's personal gain. Home Away, in turn, funds the Systems Alliance black site Quiet Eddy in exchange for commercial-grade cybernetics tech.

HOME Group and its affiliates are responsible for the initial theft of Alec Ryder's artificial intelligence kernel when they became aware of it through contacts from its partners in the Alliance. Once the kernel is secure at Home Away, however, infighting erupts between HOME Group and several companies over intellectual property rights derived from the technology.

Following Cora Harper's retrieval (and erasure) of the software from Home Away, the news cycle reports that HOME Group's stocks fell as a result of the event painted merely as "a successful security breach by a rival corporation". Spokeswoman Irene Amadiume reassures shareholders by announcing an additional million credits invested toward improving security.