The Anansi-Ishtar shipping lane passes through the Farinata / Cacus side of this cluster, passing near to Farinata and uses Treyarmus as a convenient discharge point. Quarian starships often take advantage of the heavy shipping traffic near Treyarmus to sell salvage or refreshments; the number of merchant vessels along the Anansi-Ishtar route also makes it a popular 'hiding place' for any unregistered ship wishing to obfuscate its signal.

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† Mass Effect

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Hades Gamma
Asteroid belt
Asteroid belt
Asteroid belt
Asteroid belt
Asteroid belt

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  • The Hades Gamma cluster appears to be the Crab Nebula. It is probably named for the ancient Greek underworld. "Gamma" is the third letter in the Greek alphabet.
  • The systems in this cluster are all named for characters or places from the Inferno, the first canticle of the Divine Comedy by the poet Dante Alighieri.
  • The Anansi-Ishtar route is likely named after two mythical figures; Anansi is a spirit who appears in Akan folktales, while Ishtar is a goddess who was worshiped in ancient Mesopotamia.
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