Hana Murakami is a human colonist at Zhu's Hope, on Feros, and the last surviving crew member of the freighter Borealis.

Hana is angry at Ledra, the salarian merchant, who promised the crew a fortune, but ended up stranding them on a colony under geth attack. However, Hana is beginning to enjoy life on Feros, though she is unable to explain why.

When Commander Shepard arrives, Hana is working on a control panel. If asked what she is doing, Hana becomes irritated and insists it is just ship diagnostics for the damaged Borealis. Shepard can offer to help, but Hana refuses and will not talk to Shepard again.

Hana, who has become one of the Thorian's thralls, is actually monitoring the controls for the freighter's crane, which is keeping the entrance to the Thorian's lair hidden. She is also being guarded by the two colonists next to her, because if the geth manage to reach this position — the heart of the colony — and use the control panel, they will be able to enter the Thorian's lair.

When Shepard's squad returns from the ExoGeni Corporation headquarters, Hana holds her position and tries to fight Shepard. She is supported by numerous Thorian Creepers, some colonists, and Macha Doyle. If she is not killed in the assault, she can be found later in the infirmary. When prompted she states her intention to return to Earth as she has "had enough of the colony life."


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