Once Harbinger possesses a Collector on the battlefield, it has a series of quotes that it will say.

General Quotes Edit

“This hurts you.”

“This is true power.”

“We fight as one.”

“You cannot resist.”

“This is what you face.”

“The forces of the universe bend to me.”

“Our power is unmatched.”

“Nothing stands against us.”

“Face your annihilation.”

“You are bacteria.”

“You are shortsighted.”



“These attacks are pointless.”

“This body does not matter.”

“The flesh is a machine.”

“You are vermin.”

“We will end you.”

“They are bacteria.”

“We are unstoppable.”

“Evolution cannot be stopped.”

“They will be as we are.”

“They are vermin.”

“We are the beginning, you are the end.”

“We are superior.”

“Swarm their position.”

“Overwhelm them.”

“Fight as one.”

“Surround them.”

“Relinquish your form to us.”

“You prolong the inevitable.”

“Your death is assured.”

“Embrace perfection.”

“Hope is irrelevant.”

“I sense your weakness.”

“I will show you true power.”

“Your attacks are primitive.”

“You cannot sustain your attack.”

“This delay is pointless.”

“There is no fear.”

“Your attack is an insult.”

“You are no longer relevant.”

“My attacks will tear you apart.”

“We are limitless.”

Quotes about Shepard Edit

“Preserve Shepard's body if possible.”

“You will know pain, Shepard.”

“I know you feel this.”

“Neutralize Commander Shepard.”

“If I must tear you apart, Shepard, I will.”

“Impressive, Shepard.”

“Focus on Shepard.”

“Stop, Shepard.”

“You cannot stop us, Shepard.”

“Shepard, you cannot stop us.”

“Shepard, you could have been useful.”

“Shepard, your interference has ended.”

“Shepard, submit now.”

“You escaped us before, Shepard, not again.”

“You will regret your resistance, Shepard.”

“You cannot escape your destiny, Shepard.”

“You are arrogant, Shepard, you will learn.”

“Why do you resist us, Shepard?”

“You cannot kill me, Shepard.”

“Shepard, I always survive.”

“Flee while you can, Shepard.”

Quotes about the Squad Edit

“Your allies have fallen, Shepard.”

“You have no one left, Shepard.”

“Your minions have failed, Shepard.”

“And now you stand alone, Shepard.”

Quarian; considered due to cybernetic augmentation, weakened immune system too debilitating.”

Drell; useless, insufficient numbers.”

Human; viable possibility, aggression factor useful if controlled.”

Asari; reliance upon alien species for reproduction shows genetic weakness.”

Salarian; insufficient lifespan, fragile genetic structure.”

Human; viable possibility, impressive genetic malleability.”

Geth; an annoyance, limited utility.”

Human; viable possibility, impressive technical potential.”

Human; viable possibility, if emotional drives are subjugated.”

Human; viable possibility, great biotic potential.”

Krogan; sterilised race, potential wasted.”

Turian; you are considered...too primitive.”

Quotes about Harbinger Edit

“I am Harbinger.”

“I am the Harbinger of your perfection.”

“I am the Harbinger of your ascendance.”

“I am unstoppable.”

“You cannot stop us.”

“You will not stop me.”

“We are Harbinger.”

Pain Quotes Edit

“Such beings need never fear pain.”

“Sentient beings need never fear pain.”

“There is no pain.”

“You only damage the vessel, you cannot hurt me.”

“This body's pain is irrelevant.”

“Pain is an illusion.”

Dead Quotes Edit

“Leave the dead where they fall.”

“The dead are useless.”



“Ignore the fallen.”

“Kill one and one hundred will replace it.”

Destiny Quotes Edit

“Your worlds will become our laboratories.”

“We are your genetic destiny.”

“You do not yet comprehend your place in things.”

“We are the Harbinger of your perfection.”

“You are ignorant, we are knowing.”

“We are the Harbinger of your ascendance.”

“You have merely delayed the inevitable.”

“The experiments will continue, Shepard.”

“Take what is useful, destroy the rest.”

“Progress cannot be halted.”

“We are the Harbinger of your destiny.”

Taking Control Edit

“Assuming direct control.”

“Assuming control.”

“We are assuming control.”

“I will direct this personally.”

“Direct intervention is necessary.”

“Assuming control of this form.”

Releasing Control Edit

“Releasing this form.”

“We are not finished.”

“Releasing control of this form.”

“We are your destiny.”

“Releasing control.”

“This form is redundant.”

“I will find you again.”

“We do not die.”

“This form is irrelevant.”

“This changes nothing, Shepard.”

“This shell is only a vehicle.”

“Destroying this body gains you nothing.”

“You have failed.”

“You have only delayed the inevitable.”

“I am releasing this form.”

“This is not the conclusion.”

“I am limitless. You are bacteria.”

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