Hardy appears to be a good Samaritan willing to lend Pathfinder Ryder a hand after the latter's ND1 Nomad breaks down in the middle of nowhere. He says it's a common occurrence, and he has a part he can spare if the team goes to his location nearby.

If Ryder expresses gratitude, Hardy claims he's happy to help a fellow human, eliciting annoyed snorts from nonhuman squadmates if present.

However, as soon as the Pathfinder reaches him it becomes apparent that Hardy set them up for a scam. Hardy built an EMP that fries vehicles within range, and once unsuspecting victims come to his camp he "dispatches" them and loots their ride. Upon seeing the team's heavily armored setup, however, he knows he'll lose if he tries to take them down so he attempts to negotiate a deal: 500 credits for a replacement circuit board to restore the Nomad and send them on their way with "no hard feelings." Should Ryder inquire if the scheme works often, Hardy claims he doesn't even wait long enough to talk before he strikes.

If Ryder agrees to pay for the board, Hardy hands it over as promised, and subsequent talks with him have him eager for another business deal. If Ryder decides to stop his antics, Hardy observes somebody else is inevitably going to profit off the same scam. He then fails to defend himself.

Capabilities Edit


Hardy is armed with the M-8 Avenger.


Hardy is unprotected by shields, armor, or barriers.

Tactics Edit

  • Hardy is just a named Raider and has all its strengths and weaknesses. As a single enemy against three hostiles he will not last long irrespective of abilities or weapons used.
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