Harkin was one of the first human C-Sec officers. According to Captain Anderson, who describes Harkin as "a disgrace to the species", his was not an illustrious career. During his 20 years in C-Sec, he was known for roughing up suspects in custody, taking bribes, and abusing drugs and alcohol. The embassy used to intervene when he got in trouble, for fear that it would damage humanity's reputation if he were dismissed. Now that there are enough humans in C-Sec for the embassy to cease protecting him, though, he was suspended by Executor Pallin a month prior to the Eden Prime attack for drinking on the job.

Mass Effect[edit | edit source]

Commander Shepard looks for Harkin at Ambassador Udina's suggestion, hoping he can provide a lead to finding Garrus Vakarian. Harkin can be found at Chora's Den in the Lower Wards, drinking and complaining about C-Sec maintaining a file on him. He is very amused that Shepard is part of Anderson's crew (and if Shepard is female, he will sexually harass her); before he will tell the squad where Garrus is, Harkin makes them listen to his story about Anderson. He claims the captain used to be a Spectre, but his first mission went so badly that the Council expelled him from the Spectres — "Didn't know that, did you?"

This ultimately proves to be untrue; Anderson was a Spectre candidate, but was not selected, due in part to the sabotage by Saren Arterius.

Mass Effect 2[edit | edit source]

In 2185, Harkin plays a key role in Garrus' loyalty mission. He has been fired from C-Sec and become a racketeer under the alias "Fade." He is revealed to have facilitated Sidonis' disappearance in the Terminus Systems. Shepard and Garrus eventually learn of Harkin's identity, and are forced to fight his security detail, which includes Blue Suns, LOKI Mechs and YMIR Mechs. After being beaten up, Harkin arranges a meeting with Sidonis, with Shepard having the option to prevent Garrus from shooting Harkin in the kneecap. This will cause Garrus to headbutt Harkin instead. It is later revealed by EDI that Harkin is taken into custody by C-Sec for his crimes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible for Shepard to never meet Harkin. If Shepard didn't talk to him in Mass Effect, Shepard can ask Garrus who he is during the loyalty mission for Garrus. A fresh start game (non-imported) will assume that the player has never met Harkin.
  • Roger Jackson, the voice of Harkin, also provides the voice for Engineer Greg Adams in the Mass Effect franchise as well as Lord Yun in Jade Empire, another game by BioWare.
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