Harrot is an elcor merchant on Omega. He runs Harrot's Emporium, a salvage shop in the Omega Market.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

After talking to Kenn, Commander Shepard can confront Harrot. This helps Kenn leave Omega by convincing the cigar-smoking elcor to let the quarian go, and for the effort Shepard receives a discount at Harrot's shop. This discount is not available if Shepard pays for Kenn's ticket without confronting Harrot.

Mass Effect 3: Omega Edit

Harrot can be found in Aria's bunker, where he is shouting for attention. With no cigar on him, he narrates how he managed to stay out of sight from Cerberus forces and rampaging Adjutants through a hidden backroom, and just when he thought the room was getting confining, Aria's patrol found and liberated him. He reveals to Commander Shepard that he plans to gain favor with Aria by returning her favorite couch which the Cerberus General threw out from Afterlife, and asks the Commander for assistance in finding its location. Meanwhile, he reopens the Emporium in a kiosk inside the bunker, letting Shepard peruse his stock of war material. If Shepard finds the couch, Harrot will be seen entering the reopened Afterlife.

If the Commander previously had a discount with Harrot, he will ask why the Commander seems familiar, and Shepard will explain the discount.

Trivia Edit

  • During the N7: Mining the Canyon assignment, a datapad reveals that the defective YMIR Mech was purchased from Harrot.
  • In Mass Effect 3: Omega, Harrot's features are notably different from his appearance in Mass Effect 2. To date, there has been no stated reason why Harrot's appearance was changed between games.
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