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Disambiguous.png This article is about Harvesters in general. For page about the enemy called Harvester in Mass Effect 3, see Harvester (enemy).
A harvester

Harvesters are huge creatures that inhabit several worlds throughout the galaxy, including Tuchanka and Tarith.

Harvesters are intimidating creatures, being nearly a third of the size of a Thresher Maw and highly aggressive. Their primary means of attack appears to be flying low and "dropping" klixen. This could mean that harvesters either birth klixen or simply pick them up and relocate them. Either way suggests a rather fiendish intelligence; the harvesters are smart enough to use klixen both as shock troops and, failing that, mobile ordnance.

During the Reaper invasion of the galaxy, numerous harvesters were corrupted and utilized by the Reapers as troop transports, atmospheric superiority craft, and ground support.


  • Harvesters were first described in The Art of Mass Effect. They were intended to be in the original game as an enemy that could only be killed in the Mako; however, they were excluded due to time and budget constraints. They were later added in Mass Effect 2, but cannot be killed.
  • Cut animations in the Mass Effect 2 game files show that the Harvesters were intended to be fought on the ground and actually killed.[1]
  • In Mass Effect 3, Garrus and James derisively refer to harvesters as "wormnecks". Whether this is a common slur or not is unknown.