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Harvesters are synthetic-organic creatures derived from creatures of the same name that have been mutated by Reaper technology, often used for air superiority in the atmosphere of a planet. Synthetic Harvesters were first introduced in Mass Effect 3.

Description Edit

The sight of a Reaper Harvester in flight nearby is one of the first indications that a Reaper invasion is underway. Their massive wingspan allows them to quickly cover the distance between them and their prey.

In the Harvester's mouth are two heavy guns that fire in an alternating pattern. The Harvester's most fearsome quality, however, is that its appearance guarantees that Reaper ground troops are not far behind.

Capabilities Edit


Harvesters are armed with two head-mounted cannons and can spawn additional enemies during combat.


Harvesters only have armor and no barriers or shields.

Tactics Edit

  • Use either fast-firing weapons with Incendiary Ammo, Armor-Piercing Ammo, or heavy weapons if available, to quickly bring down a Harvester. This is because its rapid firepower could very quickly pin you down behind cover, if not kill you.
  • If you are a biotic character, Warp, Reave, and other attacks that focus on Armor are useful. Shockwave at higher ranks can stagger a Harvester but does not throw or lift them. Using a Biotic Explosion can be very effective.
  • If you are a tech-based character, fire explosions, along with fire-related abilities in general, are quite effective.
  • Harvesters use a fast-firing cannon similar to that of a Ravager, but fire in pulses of five instead of three.
  • Try to take these enemies down first, as companions often fail to avoid their attacks.
  • A Harvester's death is accompanied by a large explosion similar to the Atlas. Sometimes, e.g. on Tuchanka this damages the enemies surrounding it.
  • Infiltrators, with their Tactical Cloak, can take down a Harvester fast with sniper rifles, such as the M-92 Mantis.

Trivia Edit

  • Harvesters are the only non–unique enemies in the base game that do not appear in the multiplayer mode.
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