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Disambiguous This article is about the enemy in Mass Effect 3 called Harvester. For the page about Harvesters in general, see Harvester.

Harvesters are synthetic-organic creatures derived from creatures of the same name that have been mutated by Reaper technology, often used for air superiority in the atmosphere of a planet. Synthetic Harvesters were first introduced in Mass Effect 3.


The sight of a Reaper Harvester in flight nearby is one of the first indications that a Reaper invasion is underway. Their massive wingspan allows them to quickly cover the distance between them and their prey.

In the Harvester's mouth are two heavy guns that fire in an alternating pattern. The Harvester's most fearsome quality, however, is that its appearance guarantees that Reaper ground troops are not far behind.



Harvesters are armed with two head-mounted cannons and can spawn additional enemies during combat. Their fast-firing cannons are similar to those of Ravagers, but they fire in pulses of five instead of three and also deal damage in a wide area.


Harvesters only have armor and no barriers or shields.


  • Harvesters are rarely encountered but when they are they should be given the greatest respect due to their very high damage. Like Ravagers, they tend to be most dangerous when they pin you in place while you are also under attack by grenades from Cannibals or dangerous melee opponents like Brutes. Keeping yourself and squadmates completely out of a Harvester's field of fire while other threats are dealt with first is usually the best course.
  • Harvester cannons deal wide area damage, which can easily splash from allies to you and vice versa. Keep as much spacing as you can.
  • On certain junctures in some missions the armor bar does not appear on the Harvesters, rendering them difficult to target, but they can be manually damaged and killed all the same. The armor bar returns if they are scripted to fly away from the scene.
  • Incendiary Ammo, Armor-Piercing Ammo, or heavy weapons (if available) can quickly bring down a Harvester.
  • If you are a biotic character, Warp, Reave, Dark Channel, and Warp Ammo are useful. Biotic Explosions are very effective when the powers being used to create them are at maximum rank and evolved for extra combo damage where possible.
  • If you are a tech-based character, Fire Explosions, along with fire-related abilities in general, are quite effective.
  • Powers that increase a target's vulnerability to damage like Warp, Cryo Blast, and Proximity Mine with the Damage Taken evolution are especially effective against all hard targets, Harvesters included.
  • A Harvester's death is accompanied by a large explosion. Sometimes (e.g. on Tuchanka: Turian Platoon) this damages nearby enemies but it does not damage the player or player allies.
  • Infiltrators with Tactical Cloak can take down a Harvester relatively easily with sniper rifles.
  • A Combat Drone, Sentry Turret, or Decoy can draw a Harvester's fire, though it can take some time for it to get distracted; once targeted, all three will be destroyed quickly.


  • Harvesters are the only non–unique enemies in the base game that do not appear in the multiplayer mode.