Disambiguous This article is about the power in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. For the skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Havoc Strike (skill).

ME3 Havoc StrikeHavoc Strike is a power in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Havoc Strike Edit

Use the propulsion pack to launch a devastating strike on multiple targets.

  • Recharge Speed: 8 sec
  • Damage: 600
  • Force: 650 N

Rank 2: Recharge Speed Edit

Increase recharge speed by 25%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec
  • Damage: 600
  • Force: 650 N

Rank 3: Force & Damage Edit

Increase damage and force by 25%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec
  • Damage: 750
  • Force: 812.50 N

Rank 4: Force & Damage/Cooldown Edit

Force & Damage

Increase damage and force by 35%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec
  • Damage: 960
  • Force: 1040 N


Increase recharge speed by 30%.

  • Recharge Speed: 5.16 sec
  • Damage: 750
  • Force: 812.50 N

Rank 5: Weapon Synergy/Melee DamageEdit

Weapon Synergy

Increase weapon damage by 25% for 5 seconds after a successful charge.

Melee Damage

Increase melee damage by 40% for 5 seconds after charging.

Rank 6: Force & Damage/Incendiary StrikeEdit

Force & Damage

Increase damage by 55%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec (Force & Damage), 5.16 sec (Cooldown)
  • Damage: 1290 (Force & Damage), 1080 (Cooldown)
  • Force: 1397.50 N (Force & Damage), 1170 N (Cooldown)

Incendiary Strike

Expand the spread of the flame to hit up to 2 additional targets within 3 meters of the impact point.

Player Notes Edit

  • Havoc Strike is similar to Biotic Charge in the aspect that it sends a player flying towards the target, causing massive damage. Unlike Charge however, you will not replenish any shields upon a successful charge. This is a high risk, high reward power.
  • When you trigger Havoc Strike your character becomes invincible until the power ends. It can be used when you are in a critical situation, to stagger enemies and quickly back away with your propulsors to replenish your health/shields by taking cover or using a Stimulant Pack.
  • When Havoc Strike is triggered, your character does not charge right away. Instead, he floats for a little amount of time during which you can slightly adjust the trajectory of Havoc Strike. This allows different tricks, like throwing your enemy out of map's boundaries, to be performed.
  • While not mentioned in the power description, rank 6 Force and Damage's increase of 55% force is visible in the stat bars.

Availability Edit

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