Disambiguous.png This article is about the power in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. For the skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Havoc Strike (skill).

ME3 Havoc Strike.pngHavoc Strike is a power in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode.

Power Ranks[edit | edit source]

Rank 1: Havoc Strike[edit | edit source]

Use the propulsion pack to launch a devastating strike on multiple targets.

  • Recharge Speed: 8 sec
  • Damage: 600
  • Force: 650 N

Rank 2: Recharge Speed[edit | edit source]

Increase recharge speed by 25%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec
  • Damage: 600
  • Force: 650 N

Rank 3: Force & Damage[edit | edit source]

Increase damage and force by 25%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec
  • Damage: 750
  • Force: 812.50 N

Rank 4: Force & Damage/Cooldown[edit | edit source]

Force & Damage

Increase damage and force by 35%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec
  • Damage: 960
  • Force: 1040 N


Increase recharge speed by 30%.

  • Recharge Speed: 5.16 sec
  • Damage: 750
  • Force: 812.50 N

Rank 5: Weapon Synergy/Melee Damage[edit | edit source]

Weapon Synergy

Increase weapon damage by 25% for 5 seconds after a successful charge.

Melee Damage

Increase melee damage by 40% for 5 seconds after charging.

Rank 6: Force & Damage/Incendiary Strike[edit | edit source]

Force & Damage

Increase damage by 55%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec (Force & Damage), 5.16 sec (Cooldown)
  • Damage: 1290 (Force & Damage), 1080 (Cooldown)
  • Force: 1397.50 N (Force & Damage), 1170 N (Cooldown)

Incendiary Strike

Expand the spread of the flame to hit up to 2 additional targets within 3 meters of the impact point.

Player Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Havoc Strike is similar to Biotic Charge in the aspect that it sends a player flying towards the target, causing massive damage. Unlike Charge however, you will not replenish any shields upon a successful charge. This is a high risk, high reward power.
  • When you trigger Havoc Strike your character becomes invincible until the power ends. It can be used when you are in a critical situation, to stagger enemies and quickly back away with your propulsors to replenish your health/shields by taking cover or using a Stimulant Pack.
  • When Havoc Strike is triggered, your character does not charge right away. Instead, he floats for a little amount of time during which you can slightly adjust the trajectory of Havoc Strike. This allows different tricks, like throwing your enemy out of map's boundaries, to be performed.
  • While not mentioned in the power description, rank 6 Force and Damage's increase of 55% force is visible in the stat bars.
  • Havoc's dodge move can be used with this power to move the character away from the target immedeately, avoiding any melee damage and sync kills. Coupled with the invincibility during the charge, this makes Havoc Strike one of the best options for tanking a high-threat enemy to give the allies time to kill them.

Availability[edit | edit source]

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