Kadara needs clean drinking water—streams and lakes are toxic and filled with sulfuric acid. Remnant technology could transform Kadara's water supply, but the monoliths around the planet must be activated to begin this process.


When you get close to any of the monoliths on Kadara.


Activate monoliths

Kadara puzzle east


  • The eastern monolith requires three glyphs that are easy to find; two of them can be obtained from the ground. Solve the puzzle to activate the monolith. Climbing up some rocks to one of the glyphs, there is an Adaptive Remnant Core Device to scan for 100 Remnant research data.
  • The western monolith is accessed through a crevice from the west, where you will find a group of angara fighting exiles. You can speak to one of the angara after the fight. Find two glyphs (scannable from the ground) and then use the console to activate it (no puzzle to solve).
  • The southern monolith is accessed from the east through a cave. You find a trail of Observers riddled with bullet holes on the way. Raiders with a Hydra have to be eliminated. Three of the glyphs can be scanned standing on the ground, the fourth is in the previous "room" in the cave. Interact with the console, and the monolith is activated.

Investigate the vault's entrance

Take the gravity well down.

Activate the vault's emergency power

Use the console on the upper ledge. Below it you can scan for 100 Remnant research data.

Remove the vault's lockdown

Use the three consoles surrounded by bubbles to open the door into the vault. The big console is used when you are escaping the vault.

Go down to the hexagonal platform.

Note: There is a console on this platform, but you don't need to use it to attain anything in the vault.

Jump up on the pylons to the right. There is 100 Remnant research data to scan.

Use the bridge to go to the north side.

On the platform is a barrier-locked room with rem-tech you can pick up during the escape. SAM sets a navpoint for it.

The puzzle to the west

Kadara vault puzzle
Follow the path to the west. Jump up to the topmost ledge and use the console to unlock the door.

Inside is a Destroyer, some other Remnant forces, and a turret in the far end of the room. On top of the pillar in the center of the room is a puzzle-locked console (needed for the Cryptographer achievement). 2 skill points are rewarded.

The Remnant Data Core

There is a Remnant data core up to the north. Open the door and go into the room. Inside is another door that is locked. Activate the nearby consoles in the same order as the glyphs on the door. It will then be unlocked. Inside is a Remnant Data core for Task: Remnant Data Cores, and 300 Remnant research data to scan.

Unlock the locked room to the north

Walk to a point where you can see the locked door to the north. Use the scanner to see the line in the air from the door to find the console that unlocks it. Jump up and activate it.

If you continue along the ledges to the southwest, there are some containers on them.

Getting to the core of the vault

You have two options to get to the northeast and east area:

  • Return to the first hexagonal platform and use the console. Platforms rise from the fluid, and jumping between them will take you to point #3. An effect of this is that during the escape - after picking up the rem-tech - you will need to jump down on these platforms to reach the exit.
  • Go to point #1 and jump over to point #2. You will probably land in the fluid. Quickly jump again to get out of the fluid.

From #2 jump up on the ledge. Then jump up to get 100 Remnant research data from the Adaptive Remnant Core Device (the jump might take some attempts).

Jump down again and activate the console. Two pylon platforms rise from the fluid. Use them to get to the locked room (now unlocked) and loot the container.

Go to point #3.

Jump up to collect 100 Remnant research data to the south of the door.

Use the console to unlock the door to the vault core. The door opens, and the platform in the fluid you need for the escape disappears.

In the core room you have to activate the five smaller consoles to be able to use the Purification Console. Remnant enemies will appear when you use the smaller consoles.

Activate the purification console.

Escape the purification field and exit the vault

Run out and use the console at #3. Then follow the escape path. Pick up the rem-tech on the way out. Use the Activation Console in the gravity well room to turn off the purification field. Exit the vault.


The sulphur pools are no longer dangerous. They now look like unpolluted water, and are safe to walk into.


  • 1330 XP
  • 900 AVP
  • +40% Kadara viability
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