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The Heleus News Service (HNS) is a news broadcasting network for the Heleus Cluster, located on the Nexus. It is a branch of the Andromeda Initiative but their journalists take no political sides and decide for themselves what and how to publish information to serve the public.

During the Nexus Uprising, HNS' editor was killed and replaced by Davis Qar. Acting Director Jarun Tann subsequently blamed HNS broadcasts for stirring unrest.

By the time ark Hyperion reaches the Nexus, HNS is only composed of Davis Qar and one or two freelancers.

In order to spread HNS' reach, Davis attempts to enlist Pathfinder Ryder's help setting up HNS towers across Heleus. The HNS transmitter is long-range and can send packaged data between ships, but it needs planetside receivers for the people down there. Due to the limited number of receivers, HNS can only afford to set up near areas with people.

Known HNS reporters[]

Heleus News Service Archives[]

HNS News[]

Heleus News Network broadcasts a series of reports that relates the colonization efforts of Nexus staff and Pathfinders.

HNS APEX Breaking News[]

Heleus News Network broadcasts several breaking news video about APEX militia missions.

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