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The Heleus News Service (HNS) is a news broadcasting network for Heleus Cluster located on the Nexus. Its a branch of the Andromeda Initiative but their journalists take no political side and decide themselves what and how to publish information to serve the public.

During the first month of Nexus' arrival in Andromeda, Director Jarun Tann accused HNS of unrest that helped the revolt to develop. During the Nexus Uprising, HNS' editor was killed and replaced by Davis Qar. At the moment where Pathfinder Ryder reachs the Nexus, HNS is only composed by Davis Qar and one or two freelancers.

During his exploration, it is possible that Ryder places HNS receivers nearby Initiative outposts in order to increase their signal. This allows remote colonists to access information.

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Heleus News Network broadcasted a serie of reports that relates the colonization effort of Nexus' staff and pathfinders.

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Heleus News Network broadcasted several breaking news video about APEX militia missions.

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