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Hephaestus Station is a decrepit space station located somewhere in the Caleston Rift. It serves as the construction berth for the Andromeda Initiative vessel Keelah Si'yah prior to its launch towards the distant Andromeda galaxy.


Like many remote stations, Hephaestus is a rough place full of busted vents, filthy sections, malfunctioning doors, and a total lack of architectural distinction. Its dry docks float on long radials extending from the station's main body, its bluish film of artificial atmosphere secured by mass effect fields. Personal gravity flexors and rails ensure nobody would "fall" into the void of space. The station bustles with people and activity even in the early hours of the morning.

The industrial living quarters are connected to the main column of Hephaestus through a long hallway. Arguments on the station are often settled with someone turning up dead during lights out; when no one's looking. Cuisine for workers consists of freeze-dried ramen wedges and soya tablets.

Hephaestus is home to many bars, but the only place actually approximating one is Aphrodite.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation[]

Most colonists and crew of the Keelah Si'yah spent long months on the station tending to their affairs while waiting for the ark's construction to finish, letting loose on a celebratory party thrown the night before departure. On Aphrodite they congregated to discuss (and fight over) the issue of the Radial's hydroponic topiary.

Only a few moments prior to his murder on the walkways of the station, Oliver Barthes resolved to fix one of the defective elevator doors which he reckoned wouldn't take more than a day of code scrubbing.