ME2 overlord - hermes
Hermes Station is part of a series of Cerberus research facilities on the planet Aite devoted to Project Overlord.

The station serves as the Cerberus research team's communications uplink with the wider galaxy, and is equipped with a massive signal dish. This is the facility that Commander Shepard first arrives at on Aite. Dr. Gavin Archer contacts the squad as they are landing and gives instructions to first retract, then destroy the communications dish that is attached to the facility.

Shepard and the squad fight through the security mechs and geth that are in the facility to eventually destroy the dish. As the dish is falling apart, the squad leap off its edge and land safely on some nearby catwalks. Dr. Archer then approaches them to explain the situation and what happened with Project Overlord.


  • Hermes Station is likely named after the Greek god Hermes. Just as Hermes Station acts as a messenger to the rest of the galaxy, the god Hermes acted as a messenger to the Greek deities. Additionally, Dr. Archer acts as a guide to Shepard, similarly to Hermes' role as a guide to travelers.