Hilo'Jaa vas Idenna is the quarian pilot of the Cyniad in 2183, a scout ship of the Idenna, herself a cruiser in the Migrant Fleet. Hilo pilots the Cyniad to a rendezvous with Golo, a quarian criminal, on the planet Shelba, but his crew is killed and he is captured in an ambush orchestrated by a human Cerberus agent, Pel. Hilo is intended to provide the necessary codes for Cerberus to gain access to the Migrant Fleet.

However, Hilo's faceplate is cracked by Golo, out of spite, when Hilo refes to him as 'Golo vas Nedas' and calls him a traitor. With his environmental suit compromised, Hilo contracts several horrible alien diseases and sinks into a fever. This creates complications for Pel when trying to interrogate Hilo on Omega: he resorts to brutal torture to get the information he wants.

When Pel receives a more tempting offer from the Collectors, Hilo is forgotten and left for dead in Pel's warehouse, but another Cerberus agent, Paul Grayson, finds Hilo in delirium repeating the pass phrase for the Cyniad over and over. After telling him the Idenna's frequency — 43223 — and the pass phrase "My body travels to distant stars, but my soul never leaves the fleet", Hilo'Jaa vas Idenna dies of his sickness and injuries.

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