Hollis Blake is one of the human colonists at Zhu's Hope, on Feros. Hollis became the medic for Zhu's Hope after their doctor was killed.

Hollis is found inside the Borealis, tending to his wife Calantha. If Commander Shepard asks what is wrong, or offers to help, Hollis insists that Calantha just needs rest and asks Shepard to leave her in peace.

Hollis is, like the other colonists at Zhu's Hope, infected with Thorian spores. Along with Calantha — who was apparently adjusting to the infection — he defends Zhu's Hope against Shepard and the team when they return from the ExoGeni building. He teams up with Arcelia Silva Martinez and some other colonists in trying to ambush Shepard's squad at the colony entrance barricades.

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