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Homeward Sol is a human-centric grassroots movement opposed to the expansion of humans beyond Sol. Its members are variously xenophobes and Earth-centrists and described as similar to the Tenth Street Reds but without the illegal drug trading. It sources funds from lawsuits filed against famous individuals goaded into harming their members (like punching them in the face), although they are fully capable of sophisticated espionage and resorting to terrorism to further their goals.

Thanks to Khalisah al-Jilani's interview, Homeward Sol supporters hound Cora Harper during her first arrival at Tamayo Point and during her weeks-long convalescence in a hospital there. Her SAM-E implant had to claim a potential bomb threat in order for Tamayo Point authorities to clear the docking bay her shuttle's parked in of Homeward Sol protesters.

Alec Ryder also constantly gets threats from the group he deems credible. His concerns bear fruit when two Homeward Sol members are arrested after a bombing on Hyperion almost destroys his SAM project.

Homeward Sol is known to run pirate radio ads with encrypted secondary messages. The Alliance has intercepted one that reads as follows:

Advertisement Decrypted Message
Have you been to the Citadel lately? Illium? How does it feel to stand shaking while some alien looks down its noses at you, and says the word “human” like a curse? Our patron has ceased communications. Our mandate has been rescinded.
Do you know what Earth is becoming? A backwater. Do you care about that? Want to stop it? Want to make Earth better so that all of our kids, not just the ones in the shining, alien-funded Alliance nations, have a chance at the good life? All operatives; execute last orders. Then await further instruction.
Homeward Sol’s demands are simple: An end to extrasolar colonial expansion, divestment from alien business ventures and Prothean research, mandatory registration and isolation for the dangerously contaminated individuals called biotics, stricter controls on alien immigration. Put all that money back into this planet, for human purposes! Your dedication will be remembered. Your sacrifices will be honored.
HOMEWARD SOL: Humans, for humankind!