Patient lounge of the Huerta Memorial Hospital

Huerta Memorial Hospital is located on the Presidium of the Citadel. The hospital is named after President Christopher Huerta of the United North American States on Earth.

Touted as a leader in premium medical care, Huerta Memorial's staff and facilities can accommodate all major Citadel races as well as some exotic ones. It has 12 full time doctors and more than 50 support staff, and many of its experts also specialize in xenomedicine.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Map of the hospital
ME3 POI 1.png
Patient Lounge


ME3 POI 2.png
Lab Services
ME3 POI 3.png
Inpatient Wing
ME3 POI 4.png
Examination Rooms

Side Missions[edit | edit source]

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