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Biotic/Sentinel tank, specializing in defending and restoring his comrades.

The Guardian was an elite Alliance soldier, deployed when a dangerous situation required the best and brightest. A master of defensive tactics, he became popular among his squadmates. Over the years, he and the Commando became close, although duty required they keep their personal relationship hidden from their comrades. The Andromeda Initiative struck them as a perfect way to serve while living as partners -- on and off the field.

The Human Guardian joins the Nexus militia forces during the in need of heroes APEX missions in Heleus Cluster.

Skills and stats[]

Player Notes[]

General Notes[]

  • The Guardian's skills are oriented towards keeping him alive via near-continuous replenishment of shields even in the face of constant enemy fire. Coupled with the Carfalon's healing every successful strike, he is a viable "tanky" close range to melee attacker.
    • Aside from weapons, Warp is the only reliable long-range skill in the Guardian's arsenal.
    • One of the Guardian's core skill loops, highly mutable depending on the scenario, is:
  1. Backlash the enemy's fire against them
  2. If the Guardian's kinetic barrier breaks, use Shield Boost to replenish
  3. Deal a Warp afterward and/or close in for the kill
  • The Guardian's initial weight allocation is 30. This allows for equipping lightweight guns only or Level X and above variants of anything a bit heavier without sacrificing cooldown speed. APEX Training can extend that to a total of 39, which can allow for single-carry of the heaviest weapons but only if they're highly upgraded as well.
  • Equipping the Supply Pack Transmitter benefits all teammates if they're close together, during Hack or Upload objectives for example. The Guardian's pronounced tendency to take damage leads to a pronounced tendency to use supplies, so everyone else is also healed/revived/replenished.
  • As with several characters, the Guardian dashes by biotically "teleporting" across short distances. Peculiar level architecture, particularly ramps with substantial gaps above and below, may result in the Guardian ending up in unexpected places.


  • The Guardian performs well against Wraiths bunched together, as they likely would while they're trying to flank. Carfalon swipes ensure any health lost from them or from other units firing won't be an issue.
  • Backlash is recommended when dealing with Anointed and Ascendants to short-circuit their continuous attack and staggering orb, respectively.


  • Sharpshooters often fall outside the Guardian's effective range. Other than equipping the appropriate long-range weapons, dealing with them entails using Backlash when targeted then quickly overrunning their position.
  • The large number of armored outlaws make them easy prey for Warp.


  • The bots primarily attack from range. Without accurate long-range weapons, Guardians have to compensate by getting closer while flinging Warp for preliminary damage.
  • Nullifiers are particularly vulnerable to the typical Guardian playstyle: their siege pulse can be reflected back at them, they're armored and thus more susceptible to Warp, and at close quarters they often disengage their blast shield to attempt to fight at melee, at which point the Guardian can simply regenerate any damage taken through Carfalon hits or opt to blast away with hard-hitting guns.