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A close-quarters tank with ramping offense and defense.

The biotic Juggernaut sharpened his skills on Omega in staged fights and scattered jobs as a hit man. The Juggernaut has burned every bridge he's ever built, but is still a team player - a larger team just means more kills for everyone. When APEX needed a soldier to test their experimental Remnant armor, the Juggernaut volunteered.

The Human Juggernaut joins the Nexus militia forces during the unstoppable force APEX missions in Heleus Cluster.

Skills and stats

Player Notes

General Notes

  • Between Snap Freeze, Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet, and Shockwave, the Juggernaut is a close range brawler who loves setting up and detonating cryo combos. Remnant Armor and Fortify make this character very tanky, and able to engage up close.
  • This character does well just beyond the melee range of your opponents, still within striking distance of Snap Freeze and Shockwave, but just far enough back to avoid insta-kill melee attacks from Fiends, Ascendants, and Hydras.
  • At this range, the Equalizer is a good choice, as it has a high fire rate and damage, and is well within the damage falloff range.