A biotic warrior who deals serious damage with telekinesis and the ability to enter a powered-up state, but has weak defenses.

A scientist through and through, the Human Kineticist can't wait to test her theories in real-life settings and gets a bit annoyed if something disrupts her experiments. Yes, fine, take down enemies—but the science!

Skills and stats Edit

Player Notes Edit

General Notes Edit

  • A highly technical character focused on biotic combos, the Kineticist requires more precise gameplay than most, but rewards careful play with an interesting and fun blend of powers.
  • The Kineticist shines against unshielded enemies, but Shields and Armor are more difficult for her to handle. You can use Pull and Throw to fling objects and enemies at stronger foes, but she will usually have to rely on her weapons against tougher opponents.
  • Pull is the lynchpin power here, as it can be held down and combined with throw to hurl enemies off the map or at each other, or tapped at range to set up enemies for a devastating Lance or Throw.
  • If you are not using Biotic Ascension, then lighter weapons are a must to keep her cooldowns under control.
  • With their Shield Boost ability, the Salarian Operator and Human Guardian make good compliments to the Kineticist, enabling players to get greater utility out of Biotic Ascension

Kett Edit

  • Use a light, fast-firing weapon such as the N7 Eagle or Rozerad to strip Anointed and Destined of their shields, and leave them vulnerable to your biotic attacks

Outlaw Edit

  • The presence of so many units with Armor makes the Kineticist relatively weak against Outlaws. Consider equipping an Ammo Booster to help set up combos against them.

Remnant Edit

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