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For the Human Sentinel in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, see Human Sentinel.

Tactical defense expert with sturdy tech armor and a versatile power set.

Female: Excited to seek adventure, this is the Human Sentinel's first time testing her combat skills in a real-life situation. She's very skilled, and what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in enthusiasm.

Male: The Human Sentinel is a seasoned professional; he's been there and done that. Nothing surprises him, even in a brand-new galaxy.

Skills and stats[]

Player Notes[]

General Notes[]

  • As a jack of all trade character (having Combat, Tech, and Biotic abilities) he/she is very fluid in the types of builds and roles it can be deployed in.
  • Barricade is as functional at 1 point invested as it is at 75 points. Use it to block doorways or walkways, protect yourself while rezing/ devices, protection during evac and to block all enemies except for Hydras, Destroyers and Fiends. Invested in it can stun (and prime) with the Rank 6 Electric Defense. Power cell ability means it can be spammed.
  • All three abilities can prime targets with Rank 5 option on Throw and Energy Drain; Rank 6 for Barricade. Throw and Energy Drain can detonate combo primers.
  • Sentinels can gain +43% weapon damage increase (Weapon Training and Barricade) and 30% weapon accuracy and stability (Weapon Training and Tech Armor).