For the Human Soldier in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, see Human Soldier.

Weapons expert with heavy armor and a gun for all occasions. Effective at any range.

Female: The Human Soldier worked private security in the Terminus System [sic], but left to find adventure in Andromeda. She likes getting to know her new APEX colleagues and working with them to get the job done well.

Male: The Human Soldier worked in the Alliance before joining the Initiative. He likes the idea of helping establish life in a new world, and he wants to do it in the way he thinks is noble and right.

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  • A well-rounded starting class, the Human Soldier has tools for crowd control, spot removal, and massed fire.
  • One strategy is to upgrade Concussive Shot with Rank 4 Repeat Concussion, and maximize the number of charges for Frag Grenade. Ignoring Turbocharge, the Soldier has no powers that rely on cooldowns, allowing you to take the heaviest weapons in the game with no penalty.
  • If trying to maximize damage potentials for Frag Grenade and Concussive Shot against shields and armor at Rank 6, Frag Grenades should be Anti-Shield (+100% damage) and Concussive Shot should be Anti-Armor (+125% damage).

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