Hunting the Archon

The Moshae says the Archon has a Remnant map that may point the way to Meridian. But you don't know where his ship is. You must first track down the angaran traitor, Vehn Terev, in Kadara Port, and learn what you can from him.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: A Trail of Hope II

Automatically acquired following the confrontation between Evfra and the Moshae in his office in the Resistance Headquarters.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This mission can be thought of as divided into two major parts: intelligence gathering and infiltration. Combat isn't mandatory in the first part, and you have ample time to properly configure your loadouts before going into the second part. Both parts require making a couple of permanent binary choices that decide which characters will be present going forward.

Go to Kadara Port in the Govorkam System[edit | edit source]

During the landing on Kadara, Pathfinder Ryder receives a message from Evfra de Tershaav with new information on the traitor and that the contact's code name is Shena. The mission is updated with the next objective after the Tempest has landed.

The message is unsubtle, but effective

Drack and Vetra accompany you up to Kadara Port's observation deck, where they announce they have a "completely legitimate business deal" to attend to and leave you to your own devices. At this point, you can only roam around Kadara Port since access to Kadara Slums below and the rest of the planet is restricted while Liam negotiates parking space for the Nomad.

Note: Returning to the Tempest for the first time after arriving on Kadara will trigger a team meeting called by Drack, unlocking the Priority Ops Elaaden: A New World and H-047c: A New World as well as a number of other side missions. None of these new missions need to be dealt with right away.

Speak to the Resistance contact at Kralla's Song.[edit | edit source]

Reyes Vidal, human smuggler with angaran nickname

The contact at Kralla's Song is a man named Reyes Vidal. The traitor Vehn Terev is in prison because the people in Kadara don't like what he did to the Moshae. As the port's leader Sloane Kelly is a "woman of the people," Vehn is facing execution. Because Sloane was part of the uprising on the Nexus, she can't be expected to give up Vehn easily to someone who works for the Nexus. Vidal suggests that Ryder works Sloane while he talks with the angaran Resistance.

At the conclusion of the talk, bartender Umi Henon badgers you to pay for the drinks Reyes ordered, regardless of whether you took one or not, though no actual credits are spent. Exiting the bar, SAM gives you a brief overview of Sloane.

Meet Sloane Kelly in the Outcast headquarters on Kadara Port[edit | edit source]

The conversation with Sloane Kelly can go a few ways. She asks about your concern with Vehn Terev, and you can either be honest with her, or say it's none of her business.

Someone's channeling Aria in Andromeda

If you truthfully answer Sloane's question and accept her counterproposal without fuss, she allows you to see Vehn. The holding cells of Outcast Headquarters becomes accessible, and the guards there warn you against contact other than talking. She also lets you stay around her throne room for asking her follow-up questions and the like. The other two outcomes result in Sloane's chamber temporarily locking out and requiring Reyes' assistance outside to advance the mission.

If you don't want to tell Sloane why you need to see Vehn, Sloane signals her aide, who draws a pistol at you. A narrative action prompt appears, though whether you take it or not the result is the same: you back out of the room.

If you tell Sloane you want Vehn's intel, but insist his punishment is not up to her, she dismisses you.

Speak to Reyes Vidal[edit | edit source]

For some reason he thinks it's a good idea to discuss undermining the local authority right outside said authority's headquarters

If negotiations with Sloane failed, Reyes is waiting outside the Outcast Headquarters. He gives you access codes for a maintenance shaft that can be used to reach Vehn, along with something that will break the traitor out of the prison.

If you're planning to start a romance with Reyes, an opportunity to flirt will appear in the conversational choices.

Enter the holding cells through the maintenance shaft[edit | edit source]

Around the corner of the armor shop in Kadara Market will be a navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon.png to a console. This console will open a section of floor grating leading to a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and a second console will open another section of floor grating so that you can climb up into the stockroom leading to Vehn.

Interrogate Vehn Terev[edit | edit source]

The door on the left is the main entrance of the prison while the door on the far side leads to the prison stockroom and the secret maintenance shaft

If Sloane granted you access to Vehn, the door beyond the prison is open. If not, it's closed, and nobody finds out you're there. Either way, Vehn doesn't know where the Archon's ship is, but he suggests that Ryder use the transponder he buried outside town to triangulate the Archon's position.

Depending on how your meeting with Sloane went, Vehn will either be left in prison (Sloane gave permission), or he breaks out of jail to be spirited away by the Angaran Resistance (you pissed off Sloane). If Vehn escaped prison, a datapad detailing what the Outcasts did to address the security leak will show up on your next return to the market, next to the entrance of the maintenance shaft. The datapad will remain there for subsequent visits to the market though the maintenance shaft will be sealed next time.

Retrieve the kett transponder from the badlands[edit | edit source]

While going from Outcast Headquarters to The Docks for this section of the mission, you may encounter a dead angaran body in the market. This unlocks the Heleus Assignment Murder in Kadara Port. Note that it's possible to sidestep acquisition by going around the corpse through the Mods Merchant's section of the market.

Not really "buried" when it's out in the open and easily seen, is it

Go to the navpoint at Charybdis Point in the Sulfur Springs region and pick up the transponder lying under the taller buildings. The transponder power source is drained but Ryder thinks Gil Brodie can fix it.

Note that while you can encounter numerous aggressive wildlife, Remnant, or Outlaws while going to Charybdis Point, none of them are mandatory fights and you can easily reach the destination without firing a shot biotic or otherwise.

Speak to Gil in Tempest engineering[edit | edit source]

Return to the Tempest. The fastest way is by hopping into the Nomad and calling for extraction. Once aboard, speak to Gil. He manages to get the transponder working: it points to a location in the Tafeno system.

Locate the kett flagship in the Tafeno system[edit | edit source]

Leaving one galaxy only to be arkjacked upon arriving in the next

Upon entering the Tafeno system, the Tempest goes into stealth mode. The kett flagship Verakan has captured the salarian ark Paarchero holding it with several tethers. The flagship is unaware of the Tempest's presence. The ark is undamaged and its power on standby but the fate of the salarians is unknown.

Ryder contacts the Moshae to learn exactly what they are looking for. It's a Remnant relic depicting Meridian and it's kept in the Archon's chamber.

The plan is to board the ark and sneak into the flagship through the tethers.

Patch SAM into the ark's systems[edit | edit source]

Upon arrival, Ryder will arrive in the Cryobay. There is a datapad that can be read for additional details. On the right side of the corridor is a container that can be looted.

Communications blackout
Message from the Captain:

URGENT: Alien vessels have been detected within the system.
Effective immediately, all external communications are restricted, to avoid revealing Ark Paarchero's position. The unknown celestial phenomenon continues to disrupt long-range scans. Positions of the Nexus, Ark Hyperion, Ark Leusinia, and Ark Natanus remain unknown.

Move down the corridor to find a console in Medical Bay A12 that can be interacted with.

Ryder is awarded +270 XP when entering Medical Bay A12.

The captain has left an encrypted message: the ark has been captured by aliens and he urges anyone listening to the message to look for the salarian pathfinder.

Locate the salarian Pathfinder, Zevin Raeka[edit | edit source]

Continue to the right through a doorway into a corridor filled with machinery. A Kett Forklift can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.png.

Continuing down the corridor and through another doorway leads to Medical Bay A13.

Ryder is awarded +270 XP for entering Medical Bay A13.

There is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange.png.

On the floor is a datapad that can be read for additional details.

Cease hostilities
URGENT: By agreement of the ark's senior leadership, cease all defensive operations against the alien vessels. The risk of catastrophic damage to the ark and colonists is too high.

Ryder finds what seems to be the dead body of the pathfinder Zevin Raeka. Accessing the records on the console reveals that the pathfinder is female, while the corpse is male.

Identify the dead salarian[edit | edit source]

Scan the dead salarian to receive +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.png.

A new navpoint will be added for a medical terminal in the room. Interacting with the terminal reveals that the dead salarian is actually Jeks Arlan based on a DNA match and not the pathfinder.

There is a container is the room that can be looted.

Locate the dead salarian's stasis pod[edit | edit source]

A new navpoint will be added back down the machinery corridor Ryder came through. Located higher up on the wall are three Cryogenic Storage Pods to be scanned. Scanning each pod awards +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.png (+30 Rd icon milkyway orange.png total).

Scanning the pods leads to the one with the pathfinder - still in stasis.

Revive the salarian Pathfinder[edit | edit source]

To the right of the pods is a console that can be interacted with to revive the pathfinder.

Reaka briefs Ryder: the captain surrendered so they would live to fight another day, and ordered the pathfinder to hide among the population and dismantle her SAM to avoid detection. Ryder asks her to wake up a flight crew and be ready to fly away. SAM connects to Raeka so she has the assistance of an AI while working on freeing the ark.

Infiltrate the kett ship[edit | edit source]

Ryder arrives in the docking bay and immediately will come under fire from kett enemies. Defeat the enemies.

After the battle there is a container on the middle level that can be looted, on the left side from the entrance.

Patch SAM into the kett ship's systems[edit | edit source]

Interact with the console at the navpoint. SAM locates the Archon's chamber and has counteracted an alert temporarily.

On the left side of the platform, right before the console that SAM can interact with to interface with the ship's systems, is a container that can be looted.

Send the salarian Pathfinder team on their way[edit | edit source]

A new navpoint will point to a piece of machinery on the middle level. When Ryder gets close to the navpoint, a dialogue will begin with the salarian team. The salarians on the ark have discovered that many stasis pods are missing, and they will enter the kett ship to find them.

After the conversation, a doorway will open and the salarian team will run down a corridor. (Ryder is unable to follow the team down the hallway).

Make your way to the Archon's private chamber[edit | edit source]

A new navpoint will be added in the opposite direction that the salarians headed.

Along the way to the navpoint are two containers in the "armory" room right before the hanger.

Once Ryder enters the hangar through a door, there are more kett enemies. The alarm is sounding. Defeat the kett enemies.

The Kett Fighters in the hanger bay can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.png. On the left side in the second hangar bay is a large container that can be looted. On the higher portion of the area is another container that can be looted, on the side closer to the initial entrance.

Jump down to the lowest area and there are two datapads telling some of the Archon's intentions as well as an audio log and a small container on the left side just after the audio log.

Preliminary report on alien vessel
Translated from Tonaizhet:

Initial reports indicate the vessel contains a large number of intelligent bipedal aliens in some form of hibernation. They all appear to be alive. Preliminary tests suggest this vessel is not from our galaxy. Inform the Archon at once.

Additional report on alien vessel
Translated from Tonaizhet:

After further inventory, the vessel does not appear to contain any weaponry that could pose a risk to our forces. The medical and science equipment warrants further study. The most important discovery is the sleeping aliens, who number almost 20,000. Their genetic patterns are unlike any encountered before.

Leaving the hangar, there are two doors to proceed, from the upper level and ground level. Through the upper door, Ryder can find a container to the left down a small ramp. In the same room is a lower area underneath the walkway is a Kett Core Encryption Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.png.

In the next area is a hostile Scientist and a container that can be looted. Two salarian stasis pods are located nearby. One of them belongs to Dr. Medrow Aden, who may be encountered later, during the mission Truth and Trespass.

In the opposite direction, Ryder can continue through a door to the Gun Battery.

In the Gun Battery, Ryder sees powerful guns pointing at the ark. These guns will be a problem. SAM can't disable them because authorization by the Archon is required. Head to the navpoint at the other side other room.

Survive the ambush[edit | edit source]

When trying to leave the room the door is locked, and numerous kett attack - among them an Ascendant. Defeat the enemies.

Make your way to the Archon's private chamber[edit | edit source]

A new navpoint is added after the battle as SAM finds another way to the Archon's room. Before leaving the room, there is a lootable container on the east side of the top level.

Continuing up the ramped room, on the right side at the top is a lootable container.

In the next room Ryder meets the salarian team. They need help unlocking a door. Ryder warns them of the Gun Battery and the salarians say they can disable it with an EMP device.

Interact with the console to finish the conversation and open the door. Your destination is through the door on the opposite side of the room. As you proceed through the door and up the ramp, there's a small container in the first alcove on the right. Up the ramp is another room with 2 containers that can be looted.

A little further ahead the door slams shut and is locked as Ryder's team gets close. A new navpoint appears and points to a door to the right. Interacting with the door gives a new objective.

Bypass kett security[edit | edit source]

Scan the nearby Security Access Panel on the left side of the doorway. Interact with the console to learn that it is voice-controlled. SAM modulates Ryder's voice to sound like a kett.

Make your way to the Archon's private chamber[edit | edit source]

The doorway leads into Laboratory 16.

In Laboratory 16 are some more hostile kett scientists and a Kaerkyn that can be killed if you use a console to release it from the energy trap.

There is a datapad when first entering the area.

Specimen analysis
Translated from Tonaizhet:

Notable findings for further study:

 *High metabolic rate
 *Sleep requirements very low
 *Accelerated mental acuity and memory functions


 *Muscle strength lacking

An Exaltation Pod can be scanned for + 10 Rd icon heleus orange.png.

Use one of the consoles to open a large circular opening and in a lower area to find a container that can be looted.

There is a small team of kett enemies to defeat before continuing to explore the lab.

Further into the lab are salarian stasis pods - all empty in a lower area. Before jumping down, grab the lootable container in the large opening to the left. There are five pods to be scanned and each pod when scanned awards +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.png (+50 Rd icon milkyway orange.png total). There is another lootable container in the alcove on the right in this lower area. There are four dead salarians near the doorway navpoint that can be scanned as well for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.png (+40 Rd icon milkyway orange.png total). Organs were removed from them while they were still alive. There is another lootable container just past the dead salarians and a datapad.

Additional specimen request
Translated from Tonaizhet:

Current testing population is depleted. Specimens expire quickly when subjected to examination. Request more live specimens be transferred from captured enemy vessel on orders from the Archon.

After exiting the lab through the doorway there is a corridor with some kett running to the right.

Defeat the kett.

After defeating the kett, there is a container in an alcove to the west and a container at the north end of the hall that can be looted.

Heading to the navpoint leads to a door that locks when approached and a new navpoint. Heading to the new navpoint leads to a cut scene.

In the next room Ryder's team is caught and suspended in an energy field and the Archon enters. He injects a biolological transmitter into Ryder's bloodstream and taunts the pathfinder to save their strength as this is the first sample. The Archon is interrupted by an alert of another problem somewhere else - probably the salarian team - and leaves. SAM suggests an unpleasant way to get free from the field. SAM stops Ryder heart and Ryder falls dead to the floor. SAM then cardiovascularly stimulates Ryder's heart twice before coming back to life. Ryder then frees the remaining squad. SAM briefly mentions that he would attempt to remove the Bio Tracker injected by Archon.

Escape the trap[edit | edit source]

Over the comm Ryder will hear the salarian team in combat with the kett. Their pathfinder explains it was a diversion to make it possible to set up the EMP device.

In the room are numerous audio logs from kett interrogating the salarians and the Moshae.

The large Holding Tank can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.png and a lootable container is next to the tank.

In the east room, there are more audio logs, a lootable container, and a Kett Core Encryption Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.png.

There are two entrances to the west room. There is a lootable container next to each entrance.

In the west room there are holographic images of the Milky Way races and kett who comment on them.

There is a datapad in the area that can be read and a lootable container near the door.

Specimen search
Archon, as you ordered: search teams have been dispersed to find more specimens from the Milky Way. The salarian specimens claim knowledge of additional species called "human," "turian," "krogan," and "asari." We are in the process of collecting members of all species for study and eventual exaltation.

Use the Maintenance Hatch console to open a way out through the Maintenance Corridor. A new navpoint will then be added. Climb up and through the newly opening corridor.

Make your way to the Archon's private chamber[edit | edit source]

In the corridor Ryder will hear screams of pain. More empty salarian stasis pods. Over Raeka reports she has found some salarians still alive and is heading to them.

There are several dark rooms connecting to each other leading to the navpoint. There are four containers to loot along the way. A single Wraith will come out of the dark at Ryder. Kill the animal and then look for the single deceased salarian corpse in the area. Scanning the corpse awards +10 Rd icon heleus orange.png. (This may be an oversight as usually these scans are Milky Way).

The corridor exits to the Antechamber. There are two lootable containers in the Antechamber.

Going through the door starts a cut scene. There are some gruesome indications that kett are near to the solution on how to ascend the Milky Way species. After discussing the tanks, Ryder finally enters the Archon's room.

Find the relic[edit | edit source]

There are 11 objects in the room that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon remnant orange.png (+110 Rd icon remnant orange.png total).

There is also a Kett Core Encryption Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.png.

On the left side of the room is a lootable container.

The Meridian relic is in the other end of the room. Scanning it reveals a map showing the location of the Meridian as well as its shape. The Archon shows up as a holographic image and is arrogant to Ryder. Unfortunately the Archon now knows about SAM. The Archon says he will destroy their ships and Ryder immediately alerts the salarian team to fire the EMP device. An electrical discharge takes place and the gun battery is disabled.

Kill the exalted krogan and the kett[edit | edit source]

In the previous room, the exalted krogan Behemoth breaks free from the tank and a number of kett troops arrive as well. At this point if you're stuck for the Task Aid APEX at 19/20 or in general working on it, then it is strongly suggested to scan the exalted krogan before killing it. After you have killed all the enemies, A new navpoint will appear leading to the exit.

Escape the kett ship[edit | edit source]

Ryder returns to the previous area with the tanks and SAM discovers krogan life signs. The krogan are scheduled for exaltation. The salarian pathfinder is pinned down as well, she says over the comm. Ryder will only have time save either the krogan or the salarian pathfinder.

Drack will not be happy if you don't save the krogan - they are his missing scouts. Also, not saving the krogan scouts will prevent Nakmor Drack: Clutch Moment from being acquired after Epilogue: Home and Away.

You are now at a game-changing crossroads: Go back for Pathfinder Raeka, or continue on with liberating the krogan. One of the next two objectives below becomes the relevant next step of this walkthrough, and there are further repercussions in the aftermath of this mission.

Rescue the captive salarians[edit | edit source]

After the cutscene, Ryder speaks with Raeka. A navpoint is added at the far end of the hallway and a large number of kett enemies arrive. Defeat the kett.

Once the kett are defeated, interact with a console at the navpoint to release the salarians to finish this portion of the mission.

Rescue the captive krogan[edit | edit source]

After the cutscene, Ryder speaks with a krogan named Birtak, though if Drack is present, he will address Birtak instead. A navpoint is added at the far end of the hallway and a large number of kett enemies arrive. Defeat the kett.

Once the kett are defeated, interact with a console at the navpoint to release the krogan to finish this portion of the mission.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

When it's over, the Tempest and the salarian ark escapes before the kett flagship has powered up its guns.

On the kett ship, Primus tells the Archon that their mission is to exalt the Heleus Cluster, not to study the Remnant, and that questions have been asked from the high levels about the Archon's judgement.

After a conversation with Dr. Suvi Anwar, the mission completes. The next story mission starts: The Journey to Meridian.

Several missions become available after the completion of this mission. Read emails and talk to crew members to begin them. You must read all your emails before talking to the crew or else you will get failed step notification on at least two of the crew side quests. If Ryder is pursuing a romance with any character, some of the unlocked missions will advance that progress. After you land on the next planet and take off, Suvi alerts you

If Pathfinder Raeka is saved

Krogan behemoths show up in the game's end battle. Lasske Vel will be on Prodromos after the mission.

If the krogan scouts are saved

Salarians show up as enemies in the game's final battle. Raeka is assumed dead and Lumont Hayjer is chosen as the next Pathfinder for the salarians. Grendmar will be on Prodromos after the mission.

Fwd: Thank you!
To: Ryder
From: Kallo

Hello Ryder,

I got this from one of the returnees to the Nexus. I thought you might like to see it.

Just a reminder, if you ever need someone to deliver you to the jugular of those kett monsters, I'm there.



To: Kallo Jath
 From: Sorbil Tane

I hope I've got the right person. Do you fly that ship, the Tempest? Someone told me one of our people was helping the human Pathfinder.

Thank you for getting us away from that terrible ship. The sights, the smells… they'll always be with me. But you and Ryder made sure they'll just be memories. Do us proud!

S. Tane

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • +3300 XP (not shown on screen)
  • +1000 AVP AVP icon.png
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