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The Hydra is a Roekaar and Outlaw unit. These sturdy mechs are the heaviest hitters in both armies and require as much firepower as they dish out to destroy.

Hydras encountered by Pathfinder Ryder can be inserted into battle from the air. On Firebases they typically appear in later waves as a "boss" target or as high-value but difficult to destroy enemies.

Scanner Information Edit

Outlaw Hydra

Classification: Enemy
Origin: Milky Way

A lumbering combatant in a makeshift mecha suit that unloads a variety of devastating weapons as it advances. Boosters can be used to engage at close range.

Description Edit

Codex MEA - Outlaws Hydra
The strange technologies of the Heleus Cluster offer many outlaw and exile groups opportunity rather than scientific mystery. With access to black-market salvage, Remnant technology, and stolen gear from the Andromeda Initiative, some have crafted non-standard but highly effective battle mech suits nicknamed "Hydras."

Most Hydra units are armed with a chain gun and a devastating laser-guided RPG volley, pinning down enemies before bombarding them with heavy fire. Unapproved jumpjet designs and a mass-lowering element zero core assist in ground clearance or leaping at a target. The sheer weight and impact of the Hydra unit can crush enemies or force them to fall back. APEX officially classifies a Hydra unit as a Priority Zero threat, though unofficial communications often use the acronym "BFM."

Capabilities Edit


The Hydra's left arm is a large cannon. In addition to this, it is capable of shooting off a barrage of laser-guided missiles. Its right arm is a claw capable of grabbing enemies, throwing them, and slamming them into the ground.


Hydras are protected by heavy armor.

Tactics Edit

  • The Hydra mech can often be found deployed by Outlaw enemies, serving in roles akin to those of Remnant Destroyer or kett Fiend, a heavily-armored tank heavy hitter. Cover and terrain should be exploited to the utmost when encountering such foe.
  • Its weakspot is the canister on its back, which has a small profile when facing it head-on, slightly above the head/eye which emit a homing laser. The weakspot is fully exposed if Ryder flanks it to its side or back, however shooting at it will cause it to switch attention back to Ryder at once, so be prepared.
  • Its other weak spot is its central targeting laser "eye" that it uses to direct its missiles. In addition to taking extra damage, repeated gunfire to this location can damage the eye, preventing it from accurately hitting Ryder with its missiles and making it far less dangerous.
  • It has only armor so utilise anti-armor tactics against it.
  • At certain encounters, Ryder may find it already engaging other "tank" units from other factions, the best advice is to first deal with all the other lesser foes, then pick off the by-then dented heavies.
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