An asari merchant is being wooed by a krogan suitor using poetry. She was in a relationship with the krogan but is unsure whether to settle down with him.

Acquisition Edit

Near the Memories of Illium store in Nos Astra on Illium, there is a krogan named Charr reciting bad love poetry to the asari merchant that runs the store. Shepard can talk to the merchant and ask about the krogan.

Walkthrough Edit

The greatest ME2 romance of all time
Shepard learns that the asari and the krogan are currently on a break. Ereba does not know what to do with their relationship: she is skeptical as to whether Charr's feelings are genuine, or whether he is only interested in breeding. Due to the way asari reproduce, Charr would be able to have children with her regardless of the genophage; although these children would be asari rather than krogan, he has told her that he would love their daughters anyway.

Shepard can tell Ereba to make a decision, either by persuading her to take him back (by Charming, for five Paragon points), or convincing her to permanently break up with him (by Intimidating, for five Renegade points). In either situation Shepard will gain forty experience points, and Ereba will give Shepard a discount at Memories of Illium.

Charr's love poems Edit

“Oh Blue Rose of Illium, let your roots dig deep into the hot soil of Tuchanka. Let our scorching sun and sheeting rain turn your supple beauty into strength. For if our love is to survive, it must grow thorns to pierce the hand of any that would uproot it!”

“Blue Rose of Illium, you have blossomed in a tower of glass and plastic. But beauty under glass is untested and weak. Where are your honored dead, to fertilize the ground that you might grow strong? On the rocky plains of Tuchanka, I will build you a garden from the bones of my ancestors.”

“Blue Rose of Illium, leave eternity unembraced and grapple in the glorious struggle that is us, here and now! I am speechless, not with blood rage, but with love, and I stand here, humble and mute, to offer you a home. Come to me, Blue Rose of Illium. Let our three hearts beat as two.”

Mass Effect 3 Consequences Edit

Ereba can be seen talking in the Citadel's Presidium Commons to a "Blue Rose Customer," suggesting the store is called the Blue Rose. If the Commander encouraged the relationship, Ereba will mention her husband to the customer. Regardless of whether Shepard encouraged her to pursue the relationship, Charr will leave a last message for her.

Trivia Edit

  • If Shepard convinces Ereba and Charr to stay together, they later can be seen on Tuchanka.
  • In some literature, a blue rose often symbolizes fe­e­l­in­g­s o­f l­o­ve­ a­n­d a­do­ra­t­io­n and this is used as a­n­ expression by t­ho­se­ being overcome with such emotions, just like how Charr feels for Ereba.
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