The colonists once controlled by the Thorian have been tricked into signing a nasty contract for intrusive medical scans. They need help renegotiating the terms of the contract.


Prerequisite: Horizon (mission)

A colonist from Zhu's Hope on Feros (either a green Shiala, if she was spared by Shepard in Mass Effect, or a human female colonist) is sitting by the Tracking Office on Illium.


While walking past the Tracking Office, a colonist will stand up and approach you, recognising you from your mission on Feros two years previously. If you spared most of the colonists, the colony has recovered and grown but are now facing new troubles; if not (or if you did not import a Mass Effect character), then the colonists have returned to Earth. Either way, they have a problem requiring your attention. While signing a contract on Illium for treatment, the colonists have inadvertently given permission for Baria Frontiers to perform invasive, potentially harmful medical tests on them. She then asks you to negotiate with the Baria Frontiers representative to change the terms of the contract.

Talking to Erinya, the Baria Frontiers representative, reveals that she has a deeply rooted dislike of non-asari. Erinya blames the death of her bond partner and children on the actions of other species. If Shepard has enough Paragon or Renegade points, she can be persuaded to alter the contract, rewarding you with 40 experience.

If Shepard aids the colony, the Commander will receive the following message from Lizbeth Baynham once on the Normandy:

E-Mail (Appreciate the help)

From: Lizbeth Baynham

Hey, Shepard,

I heard about what you did on Illium, and I wanted to thank you for helping out Zhu's Hope one more time. We're surviving, if barely. Most of ExoGeni left, but I stayed behind as an attaché, and to make sure that nothing was left of the Thorian. We don't need that problem again.

Also, I'm really, really sorry that I shot at you. I'm pretty sure I said that, but I just wanted to reiterate it.

Good luck, and thanks. Zhu's Hope is alive again because of what you did.


Lizbeth Baynham.

Conversely, if Shepard chose to kill all of the colonists on Zhu's Hope instead of using the nerve gas grenades, Lizbeth sends this alternative email:

From: Lizbeth Baynham

Dear Commander Shepard,

I heard about what you did on Illium, and I wanted to thank you for helping the survivors of what happened at Zhu's Hope. These people don't have much left, and you dealing with that damn contract helped them a lot.

I get sick when I think about what we did to those Colonists. What we allowed to happen. Do you feel that way? Do you ever wish you could have avoided killing so many people? We had no choice. I had no choice. But I still wonder.

Thank you again. I'm doing what I can. You've helped the survivors get some peace.


Lizbeth Baynham

Mission Summary Edit

The contract has been successfully negotiated, and the colonists of Feros will not be subjected to intrusive scans.

  • Experience reward: 40 (50)


  • The female colonist resembles May O'Connell, but she will never tell her name to Shepard.
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