An OSD containing data related to the salarian Kirosa family has been found. It looks like something lost in the chaos of Nassana's attack.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Dossier: The Assassin

During the Dossier: The Assassin mission, Shepard and party will go up an elevator and then may or may not throw an Eclipse Trooper out the window. Nearby will be a datapad with the Kirosa family genetic database. Taking the datapad starts the assignment.

Walkthrough Edit

Dantius towers - salarian family data 1080p
All you have to do for this assignment is return the datapad to the salarian located at the bottom of the stairs when you enter the cargo transfer level (Nos Astra middle hall) when coming from the trading floor (Nos Astra first hall). The datapad turns out to contain a "pedigree" of the salarian's family, crucial for their reproduction negotiations and ensuring the future of this family. The salarian will say that his clan's backup copies were destroyed by a rival family's viruses. That is why the salarian will be quite grateful for returning him the data. You either get 5 Paragon points for returning the data plus an additional 2 Paragon or Renegade points depending on how you interrupt the salarian's call.

Mission Summary Edit

  • Experience reward: 40 (50)
  • Credits: 1,500

Trivia Edit

  • Before returning the data, the salarian can be overheard talking about the lost data and the difficulty of retrieving it from the Dantius Towers.
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