A locket has been found while working with Miranda to save her sister. It is likely of sentimental value only, but some asari is likely looking for it.

Acquisition Edit

A locket containing an image of an asari woman and human male can be found on top of a crate next to the exit door of Miranda's loyalty mission.

Note: The assignment cannot be picked up by talking to the asari beforehand; it is only acquired after finding the locket.

Walkthrough Edit

Dock 94 - asari trinket
During Miranda's loyalty mission, while fighting to reach the back of the shipping yard, there is a locket placed on top of a crate next to the exit door. The asari who owns the locket can be found back in Nos Astra, near the dockside entrance to the trading floor. Handing in the locket will reward 500 credits, 40 experience points, and 7 Paragon points if you say "Don't bother. I can help", 5 otherwise.
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