Illo Nazario is a turian arms dealer known for his business dealings with batarians. Jacob Taylor gains information about Nazario's dealings through a salarian contact on Tortuga named Ish. A friend of Miranda Lawson, Ish tells Jacob that Nazario has not cut any deals in the last couple of weeks, inciting rumors that he may be "planning something", taken a new job, or even dead.

Once inside, Jacob fights his way through Nazario's bodyguards. Along the way, he is alerted by Miranda that batarian terrorists have infiltrated the compound and are pursuing him. Jacob encounters the batarian leader and learns that they are there to meet with Nazario, to "remind him who he's dealing with". The batarian eventually agrees to turn back, thinking Jacob will do the job himself.

Jacob finally encounters an ailing Nazario, pleading with him to stop the fighting. He explains to Jacob that he had recently been working with a batarian cell in the Fringe where he learned of their plans. Upon learning the details of their plans, he decided to put an end to their relationship. Nazario claims the batarians infected him with a biological weapon in retaliation for putting a stop to their dealings.

Illo offers to tell Jacob everything he knows, provided he locate a cure for his affliction. If Jacob has unrefined element zero aboard, and has rescued Batha, Jacob will be able to offer the cure right away. Either way, Nazario is offered medical quarters aboard the ship. Jacob negotiates with Illo for the information, having the option to extort it with threats of holding the cure, or offering it right away and earning Illo's trust. After a bit of struggle to get the information, Illo eventually tells Jacob that Jath'Amon is behind the planned attack on the Citadel. Nazario then asks Jacob to protect him, as he now fears for his life.

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