Location: Milky WayApien CrestTrebia System Fourth planet

Description Edit

The small planet Impera is a hothouse of helium and argon, the latter a product of decaying radioactive materials. Robo-mining was once lucrative here, but like the rest of the solar system, the only remaining veins are inaccessible by cost-effective means.

The planet is named for Atrin Impera, the "turian Machiavelli," whose ambitious political philosophies led to her reign as regent in the continent-spanning Nialin Empire for more than a decade. She famously combined citizenship tiers with a meritocracy, rather than a caste system, which served to strengthen her empire. This practice fell in and out of favor for centuries before its revival early in the turians' age of nation-states.

The Reaper invasion largely ignored Impera, sending only a token force to destroy the scientific equipment around the planet.

Additional Information Edit

Prior to the Reaper invasion, Impera was also home to a turian defense garrison. Commanded by Admiral Dorian, it was apparently a place where military careers go to die. The Verrikan crashed on this world after being fired upon by the garrison when it was determined that all contact with it was lost.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the planet's inhospitable statistics, Mass Effect: Foundation 11 depicts an asari-human fight exposed to the upper atmosphere. Later, Zaeed Massani kicks open his escape pod on the surface of the planet just in time to watch a frigate explode without any visible enviro-suit or breathing apparatus.
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