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Inner Council Space

Inner Council Space is a region of the Milky Way galaxy. As its name implies, Inner Council Space is the central region of the area of space under the control of the Citadel Council. It is bordered by Outer Council Space, Earth Systems Alliance Space, and the Attican Traverse.

In addition to its centrality, Inner Council Space holds great importance to the Council. First, it is home to the Citadel, the seat of galactic government. Second, it contains the homeworlds of several of the galaxy's sapient races. These include the salarians and the turians, two of the races with representation on the Citadel Council, as well as the hanar and the volus, both of which also have Citadel representation. Finally, the homeworld of the krogan, a former Citadel race, is located within this region.

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  • There is a contradiction regarding the location of the Citadel. The Galaxy at War map states that it is located in Inner Council Space while the galaxy map used to navigate the Normandy indicates that it is in Outer Council Space (albeit close to the border with Inner Council Space). This would also apply to the colony Bekenstein as it is located in the same cluster as the Citadel.