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Intel Points are a special mechanism introduced in Mass Effect: Infiltrator in order to improve the Galactic Readiness for Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War. Randall Ezno and the Turian from the Bonus Missions can acquire these points during their missions.


Intel Points.png

Intel Points are randomly looted from fallen enemies, even if killed by something else than the player. Once looted, they can be found lying on the battlefield. They will stay visible as long as you do not load a new game.

The Combat Analysis screen will often pop-up before you can reach Intel Points. You will then need to launch the next Checkpoint in order to get them. In this situation and if you want to restart the current checkpoint you will have to push on "continue" before quitting the current game in order to launch the previous Checkpoint.


Galactic Readiness[]

They can be traded to gain a higher Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3. The Galactic Readiness bonus for each intel point will vary.

Note: An internet connection is needed to link your game account with Mass Effect: Infiltrator.


The Intel Points can also be traded for more credits in the same game. You receive 25 credits for every intel point you exchange.