Intelligence Officer Davja Kaas is the chief intelligence officer of the local Resistance base on Voeld.

Told that he was to expect Pathfinder Ryder presently wandering about their base, Kaas can be asked about the situation on Voeld.

If asked about the struggle against the kett, Kaas mentions that the Resistance doesn't have the manpower for all-out war, and hopes that a surgical strike at their command center would weaken the kett efforts on Voeld.

The holo-map behind Kaas shows the entire planet, updated in real time through scouts and contacts and displaying cities as bright spots when under siege from the kett. If Ryder inquires about their cities, Kaas grumbles that their former capital Estraaja barely counts as one when it's presently just a pile of empty streets and burned-out buildings. He thinks the kett underestimate the angara when they resort to tactics like destroying their settlements and daara to drive them out into the cold and break their spirit, but cities can be rebuilt and he proclaims the angara are more than just their cities.

If Ryder inquires about the meaning of 'daar', Kaas provides the dictionary entry and how life is in one. Angara in daara are combat-trained, ready for anything, and take pride in their ability to defend themselves, but the kett have been targeting daara lately, forcing increased Resistance patrols on them. More daara patrols mean less raids on kett camps.

Ryder can speak with Kaas on two occasions while delivering intelligence found during missions. If an ancient map of Voeld is brought to him, courtesy of a few "treasure hunters" (smugglers from Kadara) lurking around a recently-destroyed daar, Kaas marvels at the detail and muses the Resistance could strike at the kett using old trade routes even they didn't know about.

Kaas is involved in a scheme to bug kett camps with surveillance devices, but his contact Talvor as well as their data mines have gone dark. If Ryder returns Talvor's datapad to him along with news of his fate, Kaas eulogizes the fallen angara by praising his foresight.

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