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Disambiguous This article is about the interrupt system in Mass Effect 2. For the interrupt system in Mass Effect 3, see Interrupt (Mass Effect 3). For the slightly different system in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Narrative Action.

Interrupts are an addition to the dialogue system in Mass Effect 2. They allow Commander Shepard to take direct, often physical, action at certain moments in conversations. A sound will play upon performing an interrupt. Performing a Renegade interrupt will play a metal "gong" sound. Performing a Paragon interrupt will play an uplifting hum.

Interrupt Icons


See also: Morality Guide (Mass Effect 2)

There are two types of Interrupts, each corresponding to a side of the morality scale, Paragon and Renegade.

During conversations the player may be presented with an Interrupt icon, either a blue icon in the bottom left corner (right on the PC) of the screen, for Paragon interrupts, or a red icon in the bottom right corner (left on the PC) of the screen, for Renegade Interrupts. Pressing the corresponding mouse button (PC), or trigger (Xbox 360, PS3), will activate the interrupt, allowing Shepard to take some form of direct action. A Renegade interrupt, for example, may have Shepard physically assault another character, while a Paragon interrupt might have Shepard intervene to prevent one character from harming another.

Interrupts are usually available for no more than a couple of seconds, and are entirely optional. However, as with Charm and Intimidate dialogue options, they may allow Shepard to avoid, or decrease the severity of, some conflicts.

Using a Renegade or Paragon interrupt will typically result in a significant number of the appropriate Renegade or Paragon points being awarded. Usually, not using an interrupt is not considered a moral choice, i.e. not using a Paragon interrupt is not considered a Renegade choice, or vice versa. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule in various points throughout the game.

Unlike Charm and Intimidate, Shepard is not required to have any minimum amount of Paragon or Renegade points in order for an interrupt to be presented. All characters will encounter the interrupt at the appropriate time, assuming they made the correct dialogue choices to reach that interrupt as described below (if any).

It is impossible to skip past interrupt chances by using the dialogue-skip button. That button will be inactive for the duration of the dialogue line or cutscene bit where the interrupt becomes available. However, it is possible to inadvertently cause the interrupt to not appear at all if the "fire" button is pressed just prior to the interrupt's appearance.


Story Missions[]

Freedom's Progress[]

Main article: Freedom's Progress (mission)

After finding Veetor, babbling in a paranoid manner about monsters out to get him and watching garbled footage on a wall of monitors, the player is presented with a Paragon or Renegade interrupt, depending on whether a Renegade or Paragon dialogue option is chosen.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will fire a shot at one of the monitors, startling Veetor and gaining his attention.
+5 Renegade
Paragon Interrupt Shepard will use an omni-tool to shut down the monitors, gaining Veetor's attention while keeping him calm.
+5 Paragon

Lair of the Shadow Broker[]

Main article: Lair of the Shadow Broker (mission)

After Shepard and Liara kill the asari Spectre Tela Vasir and retrieve the data on the Shadow Broker's location, Liara begins making plans for taking him down. The ensuing conversation has three interrupts in rapid succession.

First, Liara wonders if Feron is still alive.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard promises Liara that they'll get him out safely. Liara becomes disappointed that she's been relying on Shepard for everything, to which Shepard responds that that's what friends do.
Not taking the interrupt results in Shepard just reassuring her they won't give the Broker time to kill Feron.

Liara expresses hope of getting a head start from the Broker's agents as they are still shooting their way across Illium.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard accuses her of being "cold"; when she protests, Shepard points out that Liara didn't look back when Vasir threw Shepard onto the ground back at the trade center. Liara justifies her need to assess the situations rationally.
Not taking the interrupt segues things to the next dialogue segment.

Finally, Shepard asks Liara about her game plan. Liara curtly responds, urgency evident in her movements.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard grabs her arm, insisting that there's time to talk. When Liara asks about what, Shepard says that Liara hasn't been the same since they came back. Alternatively, if there was a romance between them, Shepard can ask about their relationship.
Not taking the interrupt results in Shepard simply agreeing with her plan without argument.

Shepard and Liara confront the Shadow Broker aboard his base on Hagalaz. During the long fight, Liara gets an idea for getting past his seemingly-impenetrable barrier. Shepard coaxes him into putting up the shield, prompting Liara to send a burst of biotic power into a large electrical container, breaking it and disintegrating the Broker.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard pulls Liara towards them and kisses her. This interrupt only appears if Shepard romanced Liara in Mass Effect.

Dossier Missions[]

Dossier: Archangel[]

Main article: Dossier: Archangel

Shepard and the squad try to sign up as freelance mercenaries in order to infiltrate the upcoming assault of Archangel's stronghold. The Blue Suns recruiter is dismissive and redirects her to the strippers' quarters. Note: Female Shepard only.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard draws a weapon and taunts the merc about the size of his gun.
If the interrupt is not used Shepard just stares in silence. The recruiter flatly notes the lack of a smile and finally acknowledges that Shepard's there to fight.
+5 Renegade

After Shepard signs on as a freelancer, a young man enters the room and asks to sign up for the assault, flaunting a pistol he recently bought for the occasion.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard grabs the youth's gun and breaks it, telling him to get his money back. Saddened, he will not be joining the freelancers.
If the interrupt is not used Shepard confirms that he's in the signup section, and the youth thanks them.
+5 Paragon

At the end of the conversation with Sergeant Cathka, who is repairing the gunship, the green light is given for the assault on Archangel's stronghold and all mercenaries but Cathka leave the room. Shepard then notices an electric tool on the bench behind the Sergeant.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard drives the tool into Cathka's back, electrocuting him. During the subsequent fight with the gunship near the end of the mission, the vehicle will have significantly reduced armor, making it easier to defeat.
Not using the interrupt results in Cathka resuming repairs and the gunship gaining full armor in the confrontation later.
+5 Renegade

After meeting up with Archangel, he hands Shepard his sniper rifle so that the Commander can survey the advancing Eclipse mercenaries. Shepard spots several LOKI Mechs coming over the bridge towards the squad's position.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard fires the weapon, taking the head off of one of the mechs, removing it from the following fight.
Not taking the interrupt simply results in Shepard lowering the rifle.
+5 Renegade

Dossier: Tali[]

Main article: Dossier: Tali

After fighting through waves of geth and passing numerous quarian corpses, Shepard finally comes across a survivor, Kal’Reegar, who is picking away at a Geth Colossus from a distance with an ML-77 Missile Launcher. Reegar points out the different possible avenues of attack, offering to create a distraction while the squad advances. He also mentions that his suit has been punctured, and while Shepard may argue with the quarian over this, Kal'Reegar remains adamant about supplying covering-fire. He then leans out of cover one more time to shoot at the Colossus.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will pull Kal’Reegar back into cover, ordering him to stay down and protect himself. Reluctantly, Reegar complies. This will ensure that he survives the coming battle, and has implications on Tali's loyalty mission later on. If the player does not trigger this interrupt, Kal will fire a shot at the Colossus.
This interrupt is only available if Shepard insists that Reegar stay back rather than joining in the assault - otherwise Reegar's fate will be decided during the actual ensuing combat.
+5 Paragon

If Legion is in the party during this mission, then Tali will spot it when Shepard reaches her. Thinking it is a stray geth attempting to assassinate them, she will pull a gun on Legion.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will stand in the way of Tali's gun and encourage her to stand down. If not triggered, Legion will run to cover as Tali opens fire, requesting assistance from friendly fire.

Dossier: The Assassin[]

Main article: Dossier: The Assassin

After arriving at Dantius Towers the squad finds a salarian worker who is gravely wounded. During the conversation he struggles to breathe and asks for help.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will give the salarian enough medi-gel to survive until help arrives. The salarian will then be able to provide some information about what is going on.
If the interrupt is not used, a dialogue choice is presented: If "Hold on" is chosen, Shepard will instead encourage the worker to control his breathing, saving him and netting the same number of Paragon points. If "I'm sorry" or "We're done here" are chosen, the salarian will die, begging you to save the other workers with his last breath.
+5 Paragon

After exiting the elevator at the top of the first tower, the squad encounters an Eclipse mercenary having a radio conversation with his team-mates. Shepard catches him off guard, and proceeds to interrogate him in hope of learning the location of the assassin. The mercenary is uncooperative and backs up against a large plate-glass window as Shepard inches closer.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will push the mercenary out the window, sending him to fall to his death and preventing him from alerting the other mercenaries to the squad's presence.
If the interrupt is not used, Charm or Intimidate options become available, or the merc can be simply let go. Either persuasion option results in the merc giving unusable intel and Shepard permitting him to walk away.
+5 Renegade

After bypassing their way into a small room, the squad finds several salarian workers locked inside, together with the dead body of an Eclipse mercenary. One of the salarians is terrified and threatens the squad with the dead mercenary's weapon, warning them to stay back.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will punch the salarian in the gut, briefly knocking him out.
If the interrupt is not used the salarian will faint. In either case his brother will move in to see if he's alright.
+5 Renegade

Dossier: The Justicar[]

Main article: Dossier: The Justicar

After talking with Samara at the crime scene, Shepard is instructed to question Pitne For regarding the location of the local Eclipse boss. Regardless of whether Shepard spoke with him previously, the Commander confronts Pitne about his involvement in local criminal affairs.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will pull a gun on Pitne For. The only benefit to this interrupt is in Renegade points—it does not affect the conversation or the course of the mission. The interrupt is available regardless of dialogue choice, but is very brief in all cases.
+5 Renegade

Inside the Eclipse offices Shepard finds Elnora, a young asari mercenary, hiding behind a table. Elnora begs Shepard to let her go, claiming she is only a rookie who's joined the mercenaries by mistake and has not done even anything wrong. She then pulls a gun on Shepard.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard construes the action as hostile and regards Elnora as having chosen her side. Elnora utters a curse and fire a shot, striking only the Commander's shield. Shepard and the squad will then gun down Elnora.
If the interrupt is not triggered, Elnora stands down and becomes available for questioning. +5 Paragon points are awarded after ordering her to leave.
+5 Renegade

Right outside Captain Wasea's office Shepard runs into Niftu Cal, a volus from Pitne For's crew, who has been pumped full of biotics-enhancing drugs by the Eclipse mercenaries. He boasts about his newfound powers and proceeds to claim that he will personally defeat Wasea. If he's advised to lie down, further action is still needed to dissuade him from attacking Wasea.

Paragon Interrupt As Niftu Cal turns to shout warnings towards Wasea's office, Shepard will give him a nudge from behind, causing him to topple over. This will end Cal's power-trip and convince him to sleep it off instead.
If the interrupt is not triggered, Niftu Cal will go into Wasea's office and fire a pathetic biotic effect at her. Wasea then sends him flying with a powerful biotic Throw. This is the same outcome as when Shepard tells Niftu Cal to charge ahead, except it does not grant +5 Renegade points as that dialogue option does.
+5 Paragon

Dossier: The Professor[]

Main article: Dossier: The Professor

Soon after entering the quarantine zone the squad encounter a batarian plague victim. He accuses humans of spreading the plague before having a coughing fit.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will give the batarian enough medi-gel to stay alive a little longer. He will then provide information on Mordin and his clinic. Later, when meeting Mordin, Shepard can ask him to send someone back to help the batarian. If the interrupt is not used the batarian will die on the spot, and you will receive 2000 credits from looting his body.
+5 Paragon

During Shepard's first meeting with Mordin, the professor attempts to analyze the situation in order deduce the identity of Shepard and his squad on his own, rapidly thinking out loud as he often does.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will angrily interrupt Mordin, telling him to take a breath, before explaining who they are and what they're doing. If the Renegade interrupt is not used, a Paragon one will present itself.
+5 Renegade
Paragon Interrupt Shepard will interrupt Mordin, telling him to relax before explaining who they are and what they're doing.
+5 Paragon

After Mordin is brought aboard the Normandy and told about the situation with the Collectors he tries to figure out how they were able to abduct entire colonies without a trace, again doing so rapidly and out loud.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will interrupt Mordin, saying that guessing isn't necessary and that there are samples collected from one of the colonies that Mordin can analyse. There are actually two separate opportunities to take this interrupt, the second following almost immediately after the first one disappears.
Not taking the interrupt simply results in Mordin completing his exhaustive hypothesizing but coming to no conclusion, resulting in additional dialogue choices for Shepard, one awarding Renegade points.

Dossier: The Warlord[]

Main article: Dossier: The Warlord

Shepard meets a wounded mercenary shortly after the start of the mission. The man is soon radioed from Headquarters, requesting to know his status. Shepard can use Charm or Intimidate to convince the mercenary to reply with false information, which allows the Commander to continue interrogating the man. Otherwise, Shepard can tell him to remain silent - in which case he tries to inform the Blue Suns about Shepard anyway, leading to an interrupt.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots the mercenary before he can give away the Commander's location. The agitated sergeant he's speaking to assumes Okeer's krogan shot him.
If the interrupt appears but is not triggered, the sergeant acknowledges that they have intruders. Jedore announces the fact over loudspeaker and additional enemies will be encountered later on.
+5 Renegade

Shepard brings the tank containing Okeer's legacy aboard the Normandy, and proceeds to open it. Once awakened, the krogan charges Shepard and slams the Commander against a bulkhead. He names himself Grunt after one of Okeer's last words, wants to be given a reason to fight, and he might as well start with the Commander. In that short fraction of time, Shepard manages to pull out a gun and point it into Grunt's abdomen. If non-Intimidate/Charm responses are picked, Grunt begins to threaten Shepard with the various types of physical harm he can inflict.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots Grunt in the stomach, then shoot him some more as he backs away. Grunt will be impressed by Shepard's underhandedness, and agree to join the crew.
If the interrupt is not taken, additional dialogue choices are given which also lead to Shepard shooting Grunt multiple times.
+5 Renegade

Loyalty Missions[]

Garrus: Eye for an Eye[]

Main article: Garrus: Eye for an Eye

The squad arrives at the warehouse and encounter a volus claiming to be Fade. When Garrus makes it clear that he is looking to make someone "reappear", rather than disappear, the volus refuses to cooperate. Garrus draws his weapon and the volus commands his two krogan bodyguards to open fire.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard and Garrus will shoot and kill the bodyguards before they have a chance to move. If the interrupt is not used the squad will only draw their weapons, which is enough to scare the krogan off.
+5 Renegade

After Harkin sets up the meeting with Sidonis and attempts to leave, Garrus stops Harkin. When Harkin says that killing isn't "Garrus' style," Garrus draws his gun and prepares to shoot him in the leg.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will grab Garrus' arm and say that there is no reason to shoot Harkin because he cannot hide from C-Sec anymore. Garrus will instead headbutt Fade before leaving.
+5 Paragon

After dealing with Fade, Shepard and Garrus travel back to the wards to meet with their real target, Sidonis. Garrus sets up to snipe Sidonis while Shepard distracts him in conversation. If Shepard tells Sidonis that Garrus is trying to kill him, Sidonis attempts to run away.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will stop Sidonis, telling him that Garrus currently has him in his sights. While Shepard stands in Garrus' line of fire and intentionally blocks the shot, Sidonis will explain that life has not been easy since his betrayal. From here, Shepard can further decide his fate.
This interrupt is only available if Shepard chooses to tell Sidonis about Garrus. Otherwise, Garrus will take the shot and kill Sidonis outright.
+5 Paragon

Grunt: Rite of Passage[]

Main article: Grunt: Rite of Passage

After meeting with the Urdnot clan leader, the team can head upstairs to speak with the shaman, who is engaged with Gatatog Uvenk in a heated conversation regarding Grunt. The Shaman is not at all dissuaded by Grunt's origins, yet Uvenk will continue voicing his distaste on the matter.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will cut Uvenk off by headbutting him, much to the Shaman's delight. If the interrupt is not triggered, it is possible to speak with Uvenk a little more, for up to +2 Paragon or Renegade points depending on the selected dialogue options.
+5 Renegade

Jack: Subject Zero[]

Main article: Jack: Subject Zero

Shepard and the squad find Aresh, a former subject of the Teltin project, hiding in Jack's old cell. When Aresh explains that he wants to rebuild the facility and restart the project, Jack goes into a confused fury, hits Aresh with some biotics, and finally puts a gun to his head. Depending on Shepard's next dialogue choice, a Renegade or Paragon interrupt appears.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will order Jack to shoot Aresh, and then say that if Jack doesn't do it, the Commander will. Jack will then shoot Aresh herself. If the interrupt is not triggered, Jack will let Aresh go instead - the same result as the non-Renegade dialogue choices, including an additional dialogue option for +2 Paragon points.
This interrupt is only available if Shepard says "Kill him" when Jack holds Aresh at gunpoint. The same total Renegade point bonus (+15) for this cutscene can alternately be acquired through Intimidation.
+10 Renegade
Paragon Interrupt Shepard will pull Aresh up on his feet, and tell Jack that this is not the way to solve her problems. Jack will then tell Aresh to leave while he can. If the interrupt is not triggered, Jack will shoot Aresh in the head - the same as the Renegade dialogue choices.
This interrupt is only available if Shepard says "Leave him alone" when Jack holds Aresh at gunpoint. The same total Paragon point bonus (+15) for this cutscene can alternately be acquired through Charm.
+10 Paragon

Jacob: The Gift of Greatness[]

Main article: Jacob: The Gift of Greatness

After moving beyond the Gernsback the squad comes across a woman speaking incoherently about people from the sky coming to save the ship's crew. As she talks, Shepard spots a group of armed men sneaking up behind her. One of these men aims his weapon and prepares to fire.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will grab the woman and pull her to safety as the man fires and misses. If the interrupt is not used the man will shoot the woman, killing her. This interrupt has no further effect on the mission, and the woman cannot be interrogated if saved from death.
+5 Paragon

Kasumi: Stealing Memory[]

Main article: Kasumi: Stealing Memory

Once Shepard and Kasumi reach Donovan Hock’s vault and obtain the graybox, the host himself addresses the duo, explaining that he has been expecting Ms. Goto all along. As Hock details his own brilliance and their inevitable doom, Shepard eyes a particular sculpture.

Renegade Interrupt The Commander will draw a pistol and obliterate the artwork, halting Hock’s speech and enraging him. The team will then immediately be set upon by Hock’s mercenaries.
+5 Renegade

Miranda: The Prodigal[]

Main article: Miranda: The Prodigal

After crash-landing in the cargo area at the start of the mission, the squad is approached by an Eclipse mercenary who informs them that they're too late. He explains that his captain, Enyala, is moving in on Oriana and that Niket won't be helping Miranda. Miranda angrily accuses him of lying, but the mercenary simply points out that this conversation is pointless and has given his snipers time to get in position.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will break the mercenary's neck while Miranda shoots and kills another nearby mercenary. Shepard then opens fire at an overhead fuel container, which falls and explodes, sending two mercenaries flying. The squad then rushes into cover. If the interrupt is not used the player will be forced to start the ensuing combat in the open after Miranda guns down the other Eclipse mercenary.
+5 Renegade

After arriving at Dock 94, near the end of the mission, the squad finds that Niket has betrayed Miranda and is attempting to return her sister to her father. After a brief conversation Miranda draws her weapon to shoot Niket.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will grab Miranda's arm, lower her weapon and implore her not to shoot. Niket will apologise, before being gunned down by Enyala. If the interrupt is not used Miranda will kill Niket herself.
+5 Paragon

Mordin: Old Blood[]

Main article: Mordin: Old Blood

About halfway after the squad has infiltrated Clan Weyrloc's hospital-turned-base, a Weyrloc Clanspeaker hails Shepard from atop a ledge overlooking the squad's position. He begins raving about the coming glory of Clan Weyrloc, revealing that Mordin's old assistant Maelon is working on a cure for the genophage. Shepard then spots a flammable tank just underneath the krogan's position.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will cut the clanspeaker off, pull out a pistol, and puncture the flammable tank, which ejects a stream of gas. The clanspeaker will taunt Shepard for the Commander's apparent lack of accuracy before Shepard fires again, igniting the gas and incinerating the krogan. This will result in one less enemy in the ensuing fight.
+5 Renegade

Once the team finds Maelon at the end of the mission, he reveals that he is working voluntarily and that all the atrocities he has committed during his experiments were necessary. After a brief exchange, Maelon pulls his gun on the squad before Mordin blindsides him and brings his own pistol to bear, claiming he must end the experiments, and Maelon.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will call out to Mordin, asking him to spare Maelon's life and his own morality. Mordin will then release Maelon, telling him to run.
If the interrupt is not used, Mordin will shoot and kill Maelon.
+5 Paragon

Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi[]

Main article: Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi

Shepard visits Diana, mother of the girl murdered by Morinth. During the conversation, Diana breaks down in tears.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will put a hand on Diana's shoulder, and both Shepard and Samara will offer comforting words. Diana will then suggest that Shepard search Nef's room for evidence that might help solve the crime. If the interrupt is not used, it'll be Samara who suggests a search of Nef's room.
+5 Paragon

Tali: Treason[]

Main article: Tali: Treason

If Legion is brought aboard the Migrant Fleet, the captain will be hostile and command Shepard to remove the geth from his ship before an incident occurs.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard comments that they understand the captain's position, but will warn him not to try to intimidate the Commander. In response, Kar'Danna's squad targets their guns on Shepard as the captain asks the commander "or what?". Shepard replies that they will take off their helmet and spread germs around the ship. If the interrupt is not used, Shepard will introduce Legion, which will give 2 Paragon or Renegade points depending on the chosen response.
+5 Renegade

Shepard locates the body of Rael'Zorah, Tali's father, on the quarian ship Alarei. Tali runs up to the body and frantically tries to find masked signs of life or any indication that her father is not really dead.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will pull Tali away from the body. Shepard and Tali will hug briefly, and Tali's resolve will be restored. She will immediately look for a hidden message her father may have left for her to find. This simply skips a bit of dialogue, and has no other impact on the game. If the interrupt is not used, the remaining dialogue is worth up to 4 Paragon/Renegade points as appropriate.
+5 Paragon

Thane: Sins of the Father[]

Main article: Thane: Sins of the Father

Captain Bailey sends Shepard to talk to Mouse, a criminal contact in the upper Zakera Ward, to find information about the people who hired Thane's son. Mouse is not eager to reveal the identity of his clients, as he is afraid for his own life.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will push Mouse back into a wall and put a boot on his throat after he crumples to the ground. Mouse will then cave and reveal the name of Kolyat's employer. If the interrupt is not triggered, Shepard gets the chance to use Charm or Intimidate to get the same result (for the same +5 Renegade in the latter case), or pay a large sum of credits instead.
If you miss this interrupt but still want to trigger it, you can simply say "Goodbye" and then talk to Mouse again - the interrupt will appear each time you do so.
+5 Renegade

Shepard tells Bailey that Kolyat's employer is Elias Kelham. Bailey eventually agrees to bring Kelham in for questioning. During the interrogation, Shepard will have the option of using a Renegade interrupt three times. You will only receive Renegade points for the third interrupt.

Renegade Interrupt For the first interrupt, Shepard will slap the back of Kelham's head. Kelham will either say that wasn’t a good idea and that it will cost Shepard, or that Shepard just handed Kelham their job and if Shepard hits Kelham again, he will take the Commander's money as well.
Renegade Interrupt For the second interrupt Shepard will punch Kelham in the face. Kelham will then threaten Shepard with what he will do when he gets out of the interrogation.
Renegade Interrupt On the third and final interrupt, Shepard will press an arm down on Kelham's throat and say they are tired of being patient. Shepard will threaten to cut Kelham's balls off and sell them to a krogan. Kelham will give up the information at this before passing out. With sufficient Renegade points you can skip this interrupt and use Intimidate for the same +5 Renegade bonus, convincing Kelham to play along without additional violence.
+5 Renegade

While following the target, Shepard runs into a stock boy who asks who the Commander is.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will punch the stock boy in the stomach, immediately ending the conversation. There are three chances to activate the same exact interrupt. After each time the interrupt is not triggered, you'll have the chance to use Charm or Intimidate instead. If all Interrupt, Charm and Intimidate options are ignored, Shepard will simply tackle the stock boy down for no morality points and no influence on mission progress.
+5 Renegade

Shepard and Thane reach Joram Talid's apartment, only to find Talid on his knees with Kolyat Krios holding a gun to his head.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will shoot a nearby lamp, distracting Kolyat long enough to allow the Commander to disarm him. The hostage will then be released, unharmed. If the interrupt is not used, you will get the chance to resolve the situation with other means. All methods lead to the same conversation.
+15 Paragon

Zaeed: The Price of Revenge[]

Main article: Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

After arriving at the southern gatehouse, Shepard and Zaeed confront Vido. Zaeed shoots at a pipe full of explosive gas behind Vido, killing several of his men. He then bashes a nearby valve, setting the entire refinery, with the workers still inside, on fire.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will punch Zaeed in the face and angrily berate him for endangering innocent lives in order to kill Vido. Note that this interrupt will only appear if you pick the Paragon dialogue option ("That was unnecessary.") right after the explosion.
+5 Paragon


Citadel: Crime in Progress[]

Main article: Citadel: Crime in Progress

On Zakera Ward Level 26 of the Citadel, Shepard encounters C-Sec Officer Tammert, a volus named Kor Tun and a quarian named Lia'Vael nar Ulnay. Kor Tun claims that Lia'Vael stole his credit chit. Shepard decides to look into the crime and finds the credit chit was left at Saronis Applications. After clearing Lia'Vael's innocence, Kor Tun says that the quarian could have stolen it and Tammert threatens to arrest her for vagrancy if she does not get a permanent residence.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will cut off Tammert and will berate them both for their behavior in turn; Kor for falsely accusing the quarian and not apologizing, and Tammert for threatening to take someone in who was the victim of false accusations. The dialogue will change slightly depending on whether or not Shepard's Spectre status has been reinstated; Tammert will threaten to run Shepard in for obstruction of justice, but Shepard will say "You think you're going to 'run in' a Spectre/former Spectre?" and Tammert will walk away.
+5 Paragon

Overlord: Vulcan Station[]

Main article: Overlord: Vulcan Station

After arriving at the override controls in Vulcan station, the squad shoots the arms off a LOKI mech, which begins to run around aimlessly. Shepard then contacts Dr. Archer to report success.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will shoot the LOKI mech's head off. If this option is not taken, one of Shepard's squad mates will do it instead.

Overlord: Atlas Station[]

Main article: Overlord: Atlas Station

After preventing the VI from uploading itself to the Normandy, Shepard discovers David Archer hooked up to the core via a series of intrusive tubes and clamps, begging for mercy. Dr. Archer argues that the experiment must continue, and Shepard is given a choice: free David and deliver him to Jon Grissom Academy, or continue the experiments.

If the decision is made to deliver David to Grissom Academy, Dr. Archer draws a gun and shoots at Shepard. Shepard will dodge the attack and put a gun in Archer's face.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will pistol-whip Dr. Archer.


Main article: Arrival (assignment)

During a confrontation with Dr. Amanda Kenson in the Project Base Reactor Core Module, Shepard will tell the Doctor to turn around, and Kenson will turn around, holding a detonator.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will fatally shoot Kenson in the chest, causing her to drop to the ground. Kenson, however, still manages to activate the detonator before she dies.
If you don’t take the interrupt, then Shepard tries to convince Kenson that they can still get off the asteroid. Kenson doesn't believe it and presses the detonator anyway.
+5 Renegade

Other Interactions[]

Interview with Khalisah al-Jilani[]

At the far end of the Zakera Ward Level 28 on the Citadel, Shepard meets Khalisah al-Jilani, a news reporter whom the Commander met during Mass Effect. Khalisah wants to make a follow-up interview, and confronts Shepard about the Commander's decision to let the Destiny Ascension be destroyed, or sacrifice human soldiers to save the ship.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will punch Khalisah in the face to end the interview. Otherwise, Shepard gets the chance to choose a Charm or Intimidate dialogue option (which earns +5 Paragon/Renegade points respectively), or simply walk away for no points.
+5 Renegade

Garrus Romance Scene[]

Prior to going through the Omega 4 Relay, if he is in a romance with female Shepard, Garrus visits Shepard in her quarters, nervous about being with her. He tries awkwardly to compliment her, not knowing whether he's inadvertently offending her.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will interrupt Garrus, sarcastically saying that he seduced her with his "smooth talk," and tell him to stop worrying.