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Disambiguous This article is about the interrupt system in Mass Effect 3. For the interrupt system in Mass Effect 2, see Interrupt. For the slightly different system in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Narrative Action.

Interrupts are a feature of the dialogue system in Mass Effect 3. They allow Commander Shepard to take direct, often physical, action at certain moments in conversations. A sound will play upon performing an interrupt. Performing a Renegade interrupt will play a metal "gong" sound. Performing a Paragon interrupt will play an uplifting hum.

Interrupt Icons


There are two types of Interrupts, each corresponding to a side of the morality scale, Paragon and Renegade.

During conversations the player may be presented with an Interrupt icon, either a blue icon in the bottom left corner (right on the PC) of the screen, for Paragon interrupts, or a red icon in the bottom right corner (left on the PC) of the screen, for Renegade Interrupts. Pressing the corresponding mouse button (PC), or trigger (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U), will activate the interrupt, allowing Shepard to take some form of direct action. A Renegade interrupt, for example, may have Shepard physically assault another character, while a Paragon interrupt might have Shepard intervene to prevent one character from harming another.

Interrupts are usually available for no more than a couple of seconds, and are entirely optional. However, as with Charm and Intimidate dialogue options, they may allow Shepard to avoid, or decrease the severity of, some conflicts.

Using a Renegade or Paragon interrupt will typically result in a significant number of the appropriate Renegade or Paragon points being awarded. Usually, not using an interrupt is not considered a moral choice, I.E. not using a Paragon interrupt is not considered a Renegade choice, or vice versa. However there are a few exceptions to this rule in various points throughout the game.

Unlike Charm and Intimidate, Shepard is not required to have any minimum amount of Paragon or Renegade points in order for an interrupt to be presented. All characters (with the exception of one class-exclusive interrupt in the Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC) will encounter the interrupt at the appropriate time, assuming they made the correct dialogue choices to reach that interrupt as described below (if any).

It is impossible to skip past interrupt chances by using the dialogue-skip button. That button will be inactive for the duration of the dialogue line or cutscene bit where the interrupt becomes available. However, it is possible to inadvertently cause the interrupt to not appear at all if the "fire" button is pressed just prior to the interrupt's appearance.


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Plot Missions[]

Priority: Mars[]

Main article: Priority: Mars

After leaving Admiral Anderson behind, James wants to know why the Normandy is leaving Earth. Unsatisfied with Shepard's answer, he demands to be dropped off. The player is presented with a Paragon or Renegade interrupt, depending on whether a Renegade or Paragon dialogue option is chosen.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will interrupt James, saying, "Stow it, Lieutenant. You don't want to go - we get it - but this isn't a democracy!"
Paragon Interrupt Shepard will interrupt James, saying, "Enough! Don't you think I want to stay and fight?"

Priority: Sur'Kesh[]

Main article: Priority: Sur'Kesh

Near the end of the war summit at the beginning of this mission, after Dalatrass Linron reluctantly agrees to release the krogan females being held on Sur'Kesh, she starts to warn Shepard that "the consequences of this will be felt for centuries to come."

Renegade Interrupt Shepard interrupts the Dalatrass and angrily retorts, "Will be nothing compared to what happens if the Reapers win."

Priority: Tuchanka[]

Main article: Priority: Tuchanka
Paragon Interrupt Before summoning Kalros to the Shroud, if Shepard saved Maelon's data, or alternatively apologized for destroying Maelon's data earlier and then later revealed the Shroud sabotage in the truck, Urdnot Wrex thanks Shepard for all they have done, and the interrupt gives the opportunity to shake his hand.

If Shepard chose not to reveal the Shroud sabotage earlier and Renegade dialogue is chosen during the confrontation with Mordin, Shepard will threaten Mordin with a gun. Mordin is not intimidated and goes to the elevator.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots and mortally wounds Mordin, ensuring the Shroud sabotage is not fixed and that the Genophage Cure doesn't work.

If this interrupt is not used, Mordin will nod to Shepard before taking the elevator up to the Shroud control room.

If Shepard chose to reveal the Shroud sabotage earlier, Mordin heads to the elevator to counter the sabotage.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard says, "Mordin, no!" Mordin replies that it has to be him.

If this interrupt is not used, Shepard asks, "You're sure you can do it?" Mordin reiterates that it has to be him, and that someone else might have gotten it wrong.

Priority: The Citadel II[]

Main article: Priority: The Citadel II

When Shepard confronts Udina and is forced into a standoff with Ashley/Kaidan, a Paragon Interrupt and Renegade Interrupt are presented depending on the dialogue chosen.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard lowers their weapon and signals for the other two squadmates to do the same. Shepard then says they don't have time for this and that they've been fooled by Udina.
Renegade Interrupt Shepard signals for the two squadmates to raise their weapons, then steps forward and angrily asks Ashley/Kaidan if they would really do this unless they were certain.

If Shepard cannot talk down Ashley/Kaidan, the standoff continues, and a Renegade Interrupt is presented.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots and mortally wounds Ashley/Kaidan.
If Shepard does not use this Interrupt, one of the squadmates will take the shot instead.

If Shepard manages to talk down Ashley/Kaidan, leading to Udina drawing a gun, a Renegade Interrupt is presented.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots and kills Udina.
If this interrupt is not used, Ashley/Kaidan will shoot Udina instead.

Priority: Geth Dreadnought[]

Main article: Priority: Geth Dreadnought

After Shepard escapes the Geth Dreadnought and if they choose to confront Admiral Gerrel over his decision to open fire on the Dreadnought while Shepard's team was still on board, Admiral Gerrel will start to protest that the Dreadnought was a perfect target.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will punch Gerrel in the stomach, cutting him off in mid-sentence. Shepard then kicks the Admiral off the Normandy for his recklessness.
If this interrupt is not used, Shepard will instead rebuke Gerrel for his shortsighted actions, to which Gerrel will retort that Shepard wouldn't hesitate to use friendly fire to retake Earth. The Admiral then leaves on his own.

Later, when Admiral Xen suggests experimenting on Legion for intelligence on the geth, the player is presented with a Paragon interrupt.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will interrupt Xen and tell her that Legion is a friend and that she should not continue her current line of thinking.

Priority: Rannoch[]

Main article: Priority: Rannoch

After completing either Rannoch: Admiral Koris or Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons, Admiral Raan will inform Shepard about a Reaper Base on Rannoch, making this mission available. During the briefing, if Renegade dialogue is chosen in which Shepard supports destroying the geth rather than saving them, Legion/Geth VI will start to protest that the geth oppose the Reapers as much as Shepard does.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will interrupt Legion/Geth VI and coldly tell it that the geth are just machines that have been hacked by the Reapers and that they must be shut down. Legion/Geth VI reacts visibly, clearly upset by this response, but then agrees to help regardless.

During the conversation with the dying Reaper near the end of this mission, the player will be presented with Renegade and Paragon interrupts, depending on the dialogue chosen.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard interrupts the Reaper and tells it that whatever species was harvested to create it is already dead and that now they can rest in peace. The Reaper powers down.
Renegade Interrupt Shepard interrupts the Reaper and says, "You're the ones who should worry. Tell your friends we're coming for them." The Commander then targets the Reaper one last time, and a final salvo from the quarian fleet finishes it. Shepard then says, "Never mind, I'll tell them myself."

If Shepard chooses to side with the geth over the quarians, leading to the quarians' destruction, Tali will jump off the cliff in despair.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard shouts, "Tali, no!" and tries to save her, but fails.

If Shepard chooses to side with the quarians over the geth, Legion/Geth VI will attack the commander, forcing Tali to attack and disable it.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots the disabled Legion/Geth VI in the head. This interrupt can be done up to three times.

Priority: The Citadel III[]

Main article: Priority: The Citadel III

If Shepard chose to sabotage the genophage cure in Priority: Tuchanka and Urdnot Wrex leads the krogan, Wrex will eventually discover the trick. He angrily confronts Shepard at the Citadel Dock Bay as the Commander is returning to the Normandy. Wrex knocks out a C-Sec officer, then reveals that he knows what Shepard did, showing evidence, before pointing his shotgun at the Commander.

The player is given a choice of dialogue during the confrontation, but Wrex cannot be talked down and will attempt to kill Shepard. During this, he will also announce that he has withdrawn all krogan forces from the battle for Earth, preferring to drag humanity with them to extinction.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard grabs the fallen C-Sec's weapon and shoots Wrex several times, wounding him.
If Shepard does not use this interrupt, Wrex will taunt Shepard, asking, "What's the matter? Ashley not around to do your dirty work? You a coward and a traitor?" If Ashley is dead, he will instead say, "Oh right. You killed her too!" Alternatively, he may shout, "I say every human can burn in Hell now, and you'll be there to greet them!" In any case, Commander Bailey and a turian C-Sec officer will appear and open fire, shooting Wrex several times.

Shepard points their weapon at Wrex, who slowly tries to raise his weapon in his wounded state, saying once more, "I know what you did, Shepard."

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots once, knocking Wrex off the balcony to his death.
If this interrupt is not used, Shepard steps aside and lets C-Sec kill Wrex instead.

Priority: Horizon[]

Main article: Priority: Horizon

When confronting Henry Lawson while he holds Oriana hostage, if Shepard doesn't charm or threaten him into letting her go, then an interrupt to shoot Oriana in the leg will appear.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots her, causing Henry to let go in surprise. Miranda then biotically throws him out of the window.
If not used, Miranda forces the two aside herself, causing Henry to shoot her in the chest in retaliation. She will still biotically throw Henry out the window, but will then die from the gunshot.

If Miranda died in Mass Effect 2:

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will shoot Oriana in the leg, otherwise she will backpedal and push both of themselves through the damaged windows to their deaths. If taken, a second interrupt will allow Shepard to kill Henry, otherwise he will tell him to flee. Even if Henry is persuaded to let her go, an interrupt will still offer the chance to kill him.

Priority: Cerberus Headquarters[]

Main article: Priority: Cerberus Headquarters

When Kai Leng attempts to sneak up behind Shepard and kill the Commander with his sword, the player is presented with a Renegade Interrupt.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard turns around and punches Kai Leng's sword, shattering it. Shepard then stabs Leng with an Omniblade, killing him.
If this interrupt is not used, Shepard simply dodges Leng's stab, then turns around and kills him with the Omniblade.

After Kai Leng's death, Shepard speaks with Vendetta one last time. Vendetta tells the Commander that the Reapers are preparing to complete the harvest of Earth. Shepard says, "I'll stop them." Vendetta will start to say, "It is too late. I recommend investigating a means for conserving information for future species."

Renegade Interrupt Shepard interrupts Vendetta and repeats, "I'll stop them."

Alternatively, if the player allows Vendetta to complete his statement, Vendetta will then start to say, "Perhaps you will succeed where we failed. Perhaps your warnings will be heard early enough."

Paragon Interrupt Shepard interrupts Vendetta and says, "You didn't fail. You gave us a chance. And we're not done yet."

If this interrupt is not used, then Shepard simply leaves without saying anything.

Priority: Earth[]

Main article: Priority: Earth
Paragon Interrupt When Shepard realizes Anderson is in the shuttle that retrieved their squad, an interrupt allows them to hug him.

If not taken, Shepard shakes Anderson's hand and says, "I appreciate the trust."

While saying goodbye to their squadmates, two interrupts will come up in conversations with Garrus Vakarian and Javik.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will end his conversation with Garrus noting that if they don't return while he does, they'll always have their back. A female Shepard in a romance with him will also proclaim her love for Garrus.
If the interrupt is not taken, Shepard replies "Deal."

Paragon Interrupt Javik finishes the conversation by offering a handshake, which an interrupt will enable Shepard to accept.
If this interrupt is not taken, Shepard will say, "No offense, but I find that touching a Prothean gets a little too personal for my tastes", referring to Javik's ability to read others using physical contact. Javik agrees, noting that everyone else seems to be avoiding him as well.

When confronting the Illusive Man in the Citadel, an interrupt will be offered if Shepard intimidates him, or has not used all the reputation checks in their conversations.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots the Illusive Man, causing him to collapse. When Shepard opens the Citadel arms, the Illusive Man comments that he regrets Shepard could not see things as he did, dying as he looks at Earth for the last time.
If the player did not pass all the reputation checks, the Illusive Man will shoot and kill Anderson if the interrupt is not taken, and he will kill Shepard if the interrupt is not taken when offered again.

Galaxy at War Missions[]

Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation[]

Main article: Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation
Paragon Interrupt Shepard and Jack passionately kiss on the shuttle at the end of the mission. This is only available if Shepard previously romanced Jack.

Citadel: Hanar Diplomat[]

Main article: Citadel: Hanar Diplomat

After Zymandis uploads the virus to Kahje's defense system Jondum Bau starts his omni-tool in an attempt to stop the virus. The man guarding the door then chokes Bau. If Kasumi Goto is not present, Shepard will need to make a decision between saving Bau or the hanar homeworld.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will turn to save Bau. Otherwise, Shepard will stop the upload.

Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery[]

Main article: Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

After rescuing Falere, Samara will attempt suicide as the Justicar Code cannot permit an Ardat-Yakshi to live outside a monastery that no longer exists, yet she cannot bring herself to lose her remaining daughter.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will restrain Samara, convincing her she cannot throw her life away, and Falere states she will remain in the monastery.
Otherwise, Samara will kill herself, and Shepard will have the option of sparing or executing Falere.

If Samara killed herself or is not present.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots and kills Falere.

Citadel: Dr. Bryson's Lab[]

Main article: Citadel: Dr. Bryson's Lab

Derek Hadley shoots and kills Dr. Bryson, then turns the gun toward Shepard.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard throws a datapad to disarm Hadley before he can shoot, then tackles him. Otherwise, Hadley shoots and misses, then Shepard throws him to the ground and punches him.

After C-Sec arrives, Shepard begins interrogating Hadley.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard grabs him by the arm to force him to look at Bryson's body and says something that differs based on the previous conversation choice. Otherwise, Shepard points at Bryson's body and says something that differs based on the previous conversation choice.

Citadel: Leviathan III[]

Main article: Citadel: Leviathan III

Dr. Ann Bryson volunteers herself in order to track down Leviathan's signal. Once Leviathan has gained control of Bryson's body she begins to struggle while James tries to restrain her. When EDI reports that they have a partial lock, James wants to raise the containment shield to protect Bryson.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard orders, "Belay that, Lieutenant." Otherwise Shepard allows James to raise the shield.

If Shepard ordered James to stay the course, then EDI is able to further refine the origin of the signal. James will again want to raise the containment shield for Bryson's sake.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard yells, "Back off!" at James and attempts to interrogate Leviathan through Bryson. Otherwise, Shepard allows him to raise the shield.

Omega: Aria T'Loak[]

Main article: Omega: Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect 3)

After deactivating Omega's defenses, allowing for Aria's fleet to move in, Shepard notices a surveillance camera spying on them.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots the camera.
Otherwise, Shepard will warn Aria, who will shoot the camera herself.

After reaching the reactor that powers the force fields on Omega, General Oleg Petrovsky informs Shepard that deactivating it will also cut off life support to several wards. Aria doesn't care and wants Shepard to shut the reactor down now. Nyreen argues that Shepard should reroute power instead.

Renegade Interrupt An interrupt will appear three times, offering the choice to sacrifice many civilians on the station.
Otherwise, Shepard will take up Nyreen's advice to reroute power from the force fields.
Paragon Interrupt If Shepard is an Engineer, an interrupt will allow them to reroute power quickly instead of waiting for the three Renegade interrupts to pass.

After the force fields are shut down, Aria will start to criticize Nyreen for her fear of facing the Adjutants.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard tells Aria to lay off and that Nyreen just saved her. Aria retorts that she's trying to help Nyreen.
Otherwise, Aria continues mouthing off. Shepard replies with a neutral answer before telling the team to move out.

After retaking Omega, if Shepard has performed mostly Paragon actions throughout the mission, then Aria will choose to hand Petrovsky over to Shepard. Petrovsky attempts to strike a deal with Shepard and offers to aid the Alliance in exchange for amnesty.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard points their gun at Petrovsky and says that maybe Aria was right about Petrovsky.
Otherwise, Shepard orders Aria's henchman Bray to escort Petrovsky off the station.

If the above interrupt was taken, Petrovsky will protest that he is a prisoner and that Shepard can't just kill him.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots Petrovsky in the head once, killing him instantly.
Otherwise, Shepard will let Petrovsky live.

If Shepard has not influenced Aria to become less ruthless, then Aria continues to strangle Petrovsky to death.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard asks her to stop, noting Petrovsky is more valuable as a prisoner, but she just ignores their advice. Another interrupt allows Shepard to stop her, and she stops short of backhanding them before realizing Shepard is right.
Otherwise, Aria chokes the general to death.

Citadel Archives: Escape[]

Main article: Citadel Archives: Escape

At the beginning of the mission, Shepard's clone orders everyone's execution. The original Shepard glances at the Citadel replica hanging above.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots it, bringing ward pieces crashing down onto the clone's soldiers.

Not taking the interrupt just means one of the Commander's friends will shoot instead.

If Shepard threatens to end Brooks and the Shepard clone, two paragon interrupts can be taken to emphasize the point. First, the Commander points out no one who's betrayed them ever survived.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard asserts that while the villains may think they're clever, "clever doesn't beat a bullet."
Paragon Interrupt The Spectre warns that the bullseye painted on the villains' back is getting bigger by the second.

Alternatively, if Shepard threatens to end Brooks and the clone "painfully", two renegade interrupts can be taken to emphasize the point. First, the Commander vows to take out Brooks' head and mount it in the Normandy CIC.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard makes a fist and promises to stick the clone's head beside Brooks'.
Renegade Interrupt Shepard takes both the heads to space them out of the airlock.

Not taking any of the interrupts just ends the conversation, and regardless of the outcome Brooks does not take the trapped heroes seriously.

Citadel Docks: Retake the Normandy[]

Main article: Citadel Docks: Retake the Normandy

When Shepard and her squadmates board the Normandy, they run into Traynor, who is furious at the Commander for firing her.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard embraces Traynor and kisses her, saying "Wasn't me. Evil clone." Note: this only appears if romancing Traynor.

When Shepard faces the Clone in the shuttle bay, the clone will attempt to ambush the Commander with a class-specific melee attack.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard clashes with the melee attack.

If the interrupt isn't taken, Shepard dive-rolls under the clone's attack.

At the conclusion of the mission Maya Brooks is taken into custody: hands behind her back and in omni-cuffs. If Shepard doesn't voice the desire to kill her, Maya secretly hacks the cuffs while distracting the Commander with talk.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard doesn't fall for it, adamant in letting her rot in jail. Brooks misinterprets the intent thinking the great Commander Shepard is pleading for their life if she escapes, though Shepard retorts that it's actually the other way around. Brooks stands down.

If the interrupt isn't taken, Brooks breaks free and one of Shepard's squadmates shoots her down.

If Shepard does voice the desire to kill her, Maya tells Shepard the he/she will miss her, then hacks the cuffs and runs.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard shoots her in the back, and retorts, "Not at this range, I won't."

If the interrupt isn't taken, a squadmate shoots her down instead.

Other Interactions[]

Normandy: James post Priority: Mars[]

James asks the Commander if they can "dance and talk at the same time." James describes his former commanding officer, Captain Toni.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard darts in and hits James in the face twice, bloodying his nose, to which he comments, "Nice." Otherwise, Shepard blocks James' punches.

James relates his last mission, which involved a choice between intel and saving his squad. He chose the intel.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard steps backward to avoid James' punch and replies, "Sorry. That's a tough call." Otherwise, James hits Shepard and bloodies their nose. Shepard says, "Tough choice, but it was the right call."

James asks, "Who says I'm blaming myself?"

Renegade Interrupt Shepard hits James twice in the face and replies, "I do." Otherwise, Shepard blocks James' punches and says, "Just a guess."

James suggests that his potentially suicidal actions are what is needed to win the war.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard grabs James and flips him onto his back, then tells him that he's needed alive. Otherwise, James will punch Shepard in the abdomen. Shepard then says, "Good to hear it" and warns him about recklessness.

Normandy: Garrus post Priority: Palaven[]

Paragon Interrupt Shepard kisses Garrus. This can only be done if Garrus was romanced back in Mass Effect 2.

Normandy: Kaidan post Priority: The Citadel II[]

Renegade Interrupt Shepard tells Kaidan to think about Earth, how it looked when they left, and how it will look when they get back, guns blazing and the whole galaxy behind them.

Normandy: Javik and Liara post Priority: Thessia[]

After Priority: Thessia, Liara angrily confronts Javik in his room on the engineering deck.

Paragon Interrupt When Liara flares biotically after Javik refers to her patronizingly as "Asari" for the umpteenth time, Shepard can interrupt her ordering "Hey, settle down!"
If this interrupt is not used, Liara will power down on her own, saying that Javik isn't worth this, and storms out of the room.

Normandy: Liara post Priority: Thessia[]

Liara sulks back into her quarters, straight after the mission if Javik is absent or after the resolution of their confrontation in Javik's quarters if otherwise. Liara makes a point of asking how many asari died because she demanded their assistance.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard replies "none": Liara is not responsible for any of the asari killed, reminding her how their warnings about the Reapers were ignored, and that Thessia may have fallen, but the asari have not. Her morale strengthened, Liara returns to her monitor, suggesting she can help the refugees.
If the interrupt isn't taken, two dialogue choices appear instead.

Citadel Embassies: Khalisah al-Jilani[]

After leaving Commander Bailey's office, speak to Khalisah, who is standing near the Avina Terminal. She proceeds to berate Commander Shepard for leaving Earth.

Renegade Interrupt The Commander states, "I've had enough of your tabloid journalism," and takes a jab at Khalisah.

Khalisah will dodge the Commander's first punch and get into a fighting stance, saying, "Ha! You want some?". If she was previously punched, then her dialogue changes to "Not this time, you military thug!"

Renegade Interrupt Khalisah's attack is countered with a headbutt, and she herself ends up on the ground. The Commander will then state: "You're angry, I get that. But I came here to get help for Earth. Not answer your questions. Stay down!" Otherwise Khalisah will land her punch, knocking the Commander down, and say, "On second thought, never mind. I don't have any more questions for you."

If the first Renegade interrupt is ignored, Shepard will say, "I came to get help for Earth. For everyone." Khalisah will continue pressing the Commander, asking what they plan to do.

Paragon Interrupt The Commander reassures Khalisah by saying, "Khalisah. We're doing everything we can. I'm going to stop the Reapers or die trying, but I need your help. Keep asking the hard questions. Don't let the Council forget about Earth."

If all interrupts are ignored, Shepard will say, "The same thing I've been doing for the past three years: Find a way to stop the Reapers. Get some help Khalisah, I've got work to do," then walk away.

Purgatory: Lower Bar: James Vega[]

Speaking to James at the bar, Shepard is advised to buy drinks for the troop of soldiers James was hanging out with. If Shepard agrees to pay for the drinks, James and the group of soldiers begin the lines of an old Scottish drinking toast: "Here's to us. Who's like us?"[1]

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will complete the toast with, "Damn few. And they're all dead!" Otherwise, James finishes the toast himself.

Purgatory: Dance Floor: Steve Cortez[]

The male Shepard has an opportunity to join Steve on the dance floor.

Paragon Interrupt If Shepard wants to be more than friends he can interrupt Steve's train of thought with a kiss. If Shepard doesn't take the interrupt he lets Steve finish speaking, tells Steve that he needs him, and shares a kiss with him afterwards.

Refugee Holding Area: Cargo Hold: B: Kelly Chambers[]

If Kelly survived the Collectors' abduction of the Normandy's crew, she can be found helping refugees. Kelly is happy to see Shepard and says she could just hug the Commander.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard responds by hugging Kelly and saying, "It's good to see you too, Kelly." Otherwise, the conversation continues.

Presidium Commons: Apollo's Cafe: Matriarch Aethyta[]

After speaking to Liara about getting some intel from Barla Von, Matriarch Aethyta can be found working behind the counter at Apollo's Cafe. While discussing Liara, she will make some insinuations about Commander Shepard.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard will claim, "I only worked with Cerberus to fight the Reapers." Aethyta says she knows, or else she would have not let Liara anywhere near the Commander. Otherwise, Shepard will say nothing.

Aethyta says the other matriarchs might have ordered a hit on Liara without her intervention.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard will angrily interrupt with, "That's not going to happen." Aethyta agrees, stating that she only took jobs as a bartender to keep the other Matriarchs happy. If Shepard is in a romance with Liara, they echo Aethyta's earlier line, "Nobody messes with my girl.", to which Aethyta is impressed, stating that perhaps Shepard is good enough for Liara after all. If the interrupt is not taken, then Shepard simply says that Liara and Aethyta should talk.

Normandy Dock: Viewing Deck: Steve Cortez[]

If the Commander convinced Steve to take a break off the Normandy, he can be found looking out the window near the Normandy's dock, watching the ships.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard pulls Steve's attention away from his grim memories of Robert by pointing out the presence of an old decommissioned Alliance cruiser. Steve says its the SSV London and that the refugees must have salvaged it. Shepard points out that people find a way to survive, given the circumstances.

Refugee Holding Area: Memorial Wall: Steve Cortez[]

Shepard watches as Steve has one last listen to the audio log between him and Robert. Steve then says his goodbyes.

Paragon Interrupt As he turns around, Shepard moves forward and gives him a reassuring pat. Otherwise, Shepard will stand still.

Refugee Holding Area: Memorial Wall: Ashley Williams[]

Ashley is watching her sister and voices her worries about her to Shepard.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard tells Ashley, "You'll get through this. You need to be strong for Sarah right now."

Citadel Embassies: Javik[]

Javik can be found looking out over the Presidium. When Shepard starts a conversation with him, a turian, asari, and hanar approach them, curious about the living Prothean. While addressing them Javik warns, "The Reapers killed trillions in my cycle."

Paragon Interrupt Shepard can interrupt his speech, stating, "Ah, I don't think that's gonna work." Javik immediately alters his speech to be optimistic and encouraging.
Otherwise, he continues in his pessimistic vein, and the audience leaves discouraged.

Personal Apartment: EDI[]

On EDI's personal apartment visit, she states her intention to buy presents for the Normandy crew using Joker's credit chit and asks Shepard for advice. If Shepard says to base the gift on Joker and EDI's mutual interests, EDI reads aloud the marketing blurb for a 2187 Blackout skycar priced at 749,999 credits. Five-year warranty. Replacement parts. All sales are final...

Paragon Interrupt Shepard realizes what she's doing and prevents her from completing the order, then advises her not to bankrupt Joker.
Otherwise, the order is finalized and EDI asks Shepard for advice about "bank robbery".

Personal Apartment: Jack[]

Note: this interrupt only appears if romancing Jack.

When Jack completes the tattoo on Shepard's back, he says that it looks nice. Jack then retorts that the tattoo is not for show, it's for identification should Shepard die. She starts to tell Shepard about how during a bad drop on Palaven, Rodriguez was buried under a pile of husks and would have died, had Jack not recognized her boot.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard embraces Jack, saying that she worries too much.

Personal Apartment: James[]

After Vega shows Shepard his N7 tattoo, he sets off towards the exit but gets distracted by the exercise equipment in the bedroom across from the door. Vega starts punching the punching bag and if Shepard interacts with the pull-up bar James mentions that his record for the pull-ups is 182.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard does a pull-up.
Paragon Interrupt Shepard does another pull-up.

Successfully doing 183 alternating and sometimes-shuffling paragon and renegade interrupts will cause James to compliment Shepard: "Damn. You still got it. Don't let anybody tell you different." Failure to catch an interrupt has no penalties other than a snarky remark from Vega and a reset of the pull-up counter on choosing the pull-up bar again.

Personal Apartment: Liara[]

Note: this interrupt only appears if romancing Liara.

When Shepard and Liara move to the shuttered glass windows near the piano and Glyph resumes playing Liara's song, Liara appears to consider a train of thought but reconsiders, turns her back to Shepard and starts walking away.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard grabs her hand and pulls her back, making sure she doesn't "run off to something more important."
Otherwise, Liara faces Shepard of her own accord and says she's glad for their moment together.

Personal Apartment: Miranda[]

Note: this interrupt only appears if romancing Miranda.

When Shepard invites Miranda to the apartment, after a talk she says he has to convince her that he is the real Shepard.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard grabs Miranda from behind and turns her and they kiss, Miranda says "a compelling argument." which Shepard responds "This is a crazy life isn't it?"
Otherwise, Shepard says that whether or not a clone can now about a spot just above until Miranda believes him.

Personal Apartment: Samara[]

Note: this interrupt only appears if romancing Samara.

If Shepard flatters Samara by recounting her adventures in Justicar Heroes, the justicar eventually tells them they succeeded in making her blush - not an easy feat.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard confesses to missing her. Samara begins to reconsider her views on attachment, and at the end they hug and/or briefly kiss depending on Shepard's wishes.
Not taking the interrupt locks out the romance paths and redirects the conversation back to the Justicar Heroes exploits.

Armax Arsenal Arena: Jack[]

Note: this interrupt only appears if romancing Jack.

When Shepard and Jack are discussing how to take down an Atlas, Jack suggests biotic detonations. While Jack fires at the Atlas, Shepard looks at her.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard says "You're cute when you talk dirty." while pulling her in for a kiss, backlit by the exploding Atlas.

Castle Arcade: Samantha[]

Note: this interrupt only appears if a female Shepard is romancing Samantha.

If Samantha wins the Kepesh-Yakshi match against Polgara T'Suzsa, she will begin the thank the Commander and apologize for missing lunch.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard interrupts her, telling Samantha "Nice job, specialist. Now hit the showers."

If the interrupt is not taken, Shepard will instead say "All for a good cause, Traynor. Carry on." This is also the default response for a male Shepard as well as a female Shepard not romancing Samantha.

Silversun Strip: Javik[]

Shepard accompanies Javik into a shooting of Blasto's new movie. When Blasto enters the scene, he laments how his warnings about the Reapers fell on "obstructed auditory senses."

Paragon Interrupt Shepard can cut that short and argue it was actually they who warned the Council. The volus Councilor however ad-libs that it was Blasto who took Sovereign and Saren down, destroying half the Citadel in the process. Not taking the interrupt just segues into the next scene: the salarian Councilor stating they've asked the Commander and their Prothean partner to assist.

Later in the film it is revealed the vorcha Councilor is indoctrinated. Blasto prepares his guns while delivering a speech on killing the Councilor.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard can butt in and grab one of Blasto's pistols. They bicker about who gets to shoot. Not taking the interrupt will just segue into the next scene: Javik shooting a biotic projectile into the vorcha. "This one wishes he was still frozen in the refrigerator."

Silversun Strip: Jacob[]

Note: This interrupt only appears if Jacob was romanced in Mass Effect 2.

When Jacob greets Shepard, she can respond by asking if Jacob had forgotten about their relationship. Jacob then attempts to defend himself by saying that he thought they "were good".

Renegade Interrupt Shepard slaps Jacob, and follows up by saying he "had it coming." If the interrupt is not taken, then Shepard will say that there are "a few things [they] still need to talk about."

Silver Coast Casino: Ashley[]

Ashley challenges Shepard to a drinking contest at the bar opposite the dance floor. Every time she takes a shot, Shepard must also take a shot immediately afterward. This occurrence happens four times.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard takes a shot.
Not taking the interrupt after any of the four shots leads to Shepard losing the challenge and more trash-talking from Ashley.

Silver Coast Casino: Garrus[]

Garrus meets Shepard on the balcony of the casino. If Garrus is not romanced, Shepard advises him to try and get a date. Seeing a nearby female turian, Shepard guides Garrus through talking to her, with horrible results. She excuses herself, and a waiter with a tray of bottles passes by.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard swipes two bottles, and gives them to Garrus, who asks to try his introductions again, with a smoother outcome.
If the interrupt isn't taken, the female turian leaves, and Garrus goes back to talking with Shepard about weapon mods.

If romancing Garrus, he and Shepard will flirt, pretending that they don't know each other, with Shepard adopting a rather vapid inflection, asking if his lines usually work on women. Garrus runs out of banter and pulls Shepard onto the dance floor, despite her protests. He begins to tango with her, saying that he's been taking lessons on the side. She tells him, "You’re going to pay for this later," to which he replies, "Promises, promises."

Paragon Interrupt Shepard blocks his foot with hers, making him come to a halt briefly.
If not taken, the dance continues without interruption.
Renegade Interrupt Shepard raises her knee to Garrus' side and leans forward, drawing admiring gasps from nearby spectators.

If the interrupt isn't taken, Shepard doesn't do the move.

The dance starts to draw a crowd's attention, including that of James by the bar.

Renegade Interrupt Shepard comes out of a spin and stops right in front of James, who murmurs appreciatively ("Mm mm mm mm mm!") before Garrus "jealously" pulls her back, getting some laughs from the crowd.

If the interrupt isn't taken, Shepard comes to a stop still facing Garrus, and beckons him over.

Silver Coast Casino: Kasumi[]

On inspection of a suspicious device, Kasumi enters with four henchmen through the casino's front door. On spotting Shepard, she claims to have gotten the "wrong casino" and starts walking in the opposite direction.

Paragon Interrupt Shepard stops her and they catch up.

Kasumi simply walks away and the cutscene ends if the interrupt is not taken.