Disambiguous This article is about the turian general named Invectus. For the similarly named planet, see Invictus.
General Invectus is a turian military commander who attended the test flight of the SSV Normandy at Arcturus Station as a representative of the Turian Hierarchy.

While traveling to Arcturus Station to observe the test flight, Invectus rode in a shuttle piloted by Systems Alliance starship pilot Jeff "Joker" Moreau, who hoped to become the Normandy's pilot himself. Invectus treated Joker with disdain, telling him that he would never allow a cripple to pilot a starship as sophisticated as the Normandy. After Joker hijacked the Normandy to prove that he could pilot it, Invectus was impressed by Joker's ability to circumvent security protocols, adapt to a changing situation under fire, and complete the Normandy's trials with time to spare. He personally defended Joker's conduct and insisted that he be made the Normandy's official pilot, implying that for the Alliance to do otherwise would not benefit human-turian relations.

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