The Invictor is in charge of the kett forces on Eos. Operating out of a base around The Sheartop, he is responsible for the destruction of the first two Andromeda Initiative bases on the planet, Site 1: Promise and Site 2: Resilience.

Capabilities Edit


Invictor has multiple long-range attacks: a standard beam attack from his hand, a beam attack from his Ascendant's Orb, and an electrical lightning ball that takes time to charge, unleashed on a straight path that ignores cover.

In melee distance Invictor can grab characters for a sync kill.


Invictor is protected by the Ascendant's Orb. He is invulnerable as long as the Ascendant's Orb is active. If the orb is taken down, there is a small grace period before the Invictor respawns another orb.

Tactics Edit

  • Invictor is essentially a named Ascendant. All tactics for defeating those are applicable to him.
  • Invictor comes into play with multiple kett units on bodyguard duty. If they are dispatched first, getting rid of Invictor should be made trivial as well since the layout of his lair is spacious enough for avoiding his electrical lightning ball and studded with enough cover to render his long-range attacks ineffective. Unlike the other Prefects, he doesn't summon reinforcements when the other kett are taken out.
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