Ish is a salarian information broker.

Mass Effect: Galaxy Edit

Miranda Lawson arranges a meeting between Ish and Jacob when he first arrives at Tortuga. There, the salarian informs the human of the whereabouts and activities of the turian businessman Illo Nazario and gives Jacob the access code to the backdoor of Illo's settlement. Ish will warn Jacob that Nazario is a weapon smuggler with a long list of clients and enough thugs to take on an army. Later, when going for Illo, Jacob is attacked by a bunch of batarians which he and Miranda presume to have been alerted by Ish.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Main article: Omega: Packages for Ish

Commander Shepard encounters Ish in 2185 on Omega outside the Afterlife Club with another salarian named Sel. When the Commander speaks to him, Ish requests for some packages to be picked up. If Jacob is in Shepard's party during the Commander's first talk with Ish, Ish becomes defensive when Jacob cynically reminds Ish of sending him into a nest of turian thugs and a batarian ambush. If Miranda is in the party, then she will have a few things to say as well. Both Miranda and Jacob advises Shepard not to trust Ish.

Ish is very evasive when Shepard asks him about his real intentions, shiftily saying that he is gathering information about certain people on Omega, especially Aria T'Loak. If Shepard picks up the packages for Ish on the Citadel and on Illium, they find out that Anto Korragan, one of Aria's most trusted bodyguards, is often involved in outside deals without her approval.

Shepard can choose to warn Anto that Ish is on to him, which leads to Anto killing Ish. Alternatively, Shepard can convince Ish to abandon his plans and leave Omega or else face the reprisal of Aria.

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