MEA Journal - Jaal Loyalty
After a failed attack on Prodromos, the situation with the Roekaar and their leader, Akksul, has escalated. Jaal worries about future relations between his people and the Milky Way Species [sic] as more angara join this xenophobic cause.

Acquisition Edit

When acquiring this loyalty mission, the final part of the Friend or Foe? trilogy and the start of this mission overlap each other.

Walkthrough Edit

Read Email from Jaal Edit

Need To Speak With You

To: Ryder
From: Jaal


I've received an update on Akksul. It isn't good. Please come see me in my room.


Acknowledge the email to get the next objective.

Speak to Jaal on the Tempest Edit

When the Pathfinder enters Jaal's quarters, Ryder overhears part of a conversation between Jaal, Jassana, and Feladyr, two of his mothers. Three of Jaal's brothers and sisters have joined the Roekaar. Akksul has moved his headquarters to the Forge on Havarl, which is thought to be the birthplace of angaran civilization. Jaal requests Ryder's assistance to bring his relatives out of the Roekaar; he hopes that Ryder will be able to show his brothers and sister that not all aliens need to be feared and hated. Jaal has a contact on Havarl who will take them to the Roekaar.

Meet Jaal's Resistance Contact on Havarl Edit

Jaal's contact, Avka, is on the shuttle platform in Pelaav Research Station on Havarl, next to the merchant Cody Holdren. Jaal will already be here if he isn't in the active party. 

Avka tells you that the Resistance has no intel on the Forge except that Akksul is in control of the site, and there has been no traffic in or out since then. The Resistance is willing to fly Jaal and Ryder to the Forge, but the Resistance doesn't want open conflict with the Roekaar and will offer no other support.

Board the Shuttle Edit

Speak to the Shuttle Pilot to begin the mission. You can change Loadout if desired. Jaal is a mandatory squadmate for this mission. Note: During loyalty missions, manual saving is disabled for the duration of the mission.

The shuttle then takes off for the Forge.

Enter the Clearing Edit

After landing, Jaal explains that the Moshae brings her disciples to the Forge, so Jaal is familiar with the place.

Head to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconand the next objective will start.

Search for signs of Jaal's family Edit

The first area of the Forge is the govataan - a welcome center. It's deserted. That's strange because it's usually filled with people.

You can either investigate the buildings or bypass them and head for the door to the rest of the Forge site, which has a navpoint on it.

Building On The Left (You can scan a Security Terminal on the wall in the building) - There are two lootable containers, a datapad, and a terminal in this building.

Datapad - Left Building

Visitor Log
Translated from Shelesh:

Novoa Sabay: 30 arrivals
Novoa Tef: 25 arrivals
Novoa Vaa: 5 arrivals
Novoa Ema: 3 arrivals
Novoa Roa: 2 arrivals
Novoa Fev: No arrivals
Novoa Bav: No arrivals
Novoa Sabay: No arrivals
Novoa Tef: No arrivals

Terminal Entries - Left Building

Log Onto Network

There is no email for Log Onto Network entry. Reading this entry starts a small conversation with Jaal. Ryder wants to know about re-establishing comms and Jaal says to not do that so that the Roekaar won't be alerted.

Translated from Shelesh:

To: Oma Beinstaag
From: Droka Sidyr

We have a priority guest arriving early tomorrow morning. I've marked the shuttle number for you—please notify me the moment it enters our airspace. I will personally oversee the orientation process.

Do you know?
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Oma Beinstaag
From: Grydeer Calfri

Hey! Rumor has it someone important is visiting tomorrow? Droka tell you who it is? The Moshae?

RE: Do you know?
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Grydeer Calfri
From: Oma Beinstaag

No, she was uncharacteristically vague. Just said to notify her once the shuttle arrived. Do you think it's weird she's bypassing security protocol?

ATTENTION: Mandatory Meeting
Translated from Shelesh:

To: All Govataan Personnel
From: Droka Sidyr

All personnel are to meet in the courtyard immediately. There is no cause for alarm, but attendance is mandatory.

Building On The Right (You can scan Blood Spatter on the floor) - There is a terminal in this room, a lootable container, and an Unknown Plants can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.

Terminal Entries - Right Building

PLAY: Audio Log

There is no email for PLAY: Audio Log entry. Reading this entry starts an audio log about an Archeologist's sympathetic thoughts about Akksul.

Flora Specimen Acquired
Translated from Shelesh:

Lehka obtained samples of flora from the Forge with minimal difficulty. Droka was worried about uprooting specimens near some of the older pillars, but I was able to satisfy her concerns with some low-risk candidates on the site's fringe.

For now, we will focus on care, monitor water intake, and determine an average life expectancy. That will give us a baseline for future experiments.

Attempt 3765: Heat-Shaping Process
Translated from Shelesh:

Our latest attempt to recreate the heat-shaping process used to build the Forge was unsuccessful. We were able to heat the rock samples to their melting points, but they simply turned to magma and became unmanageable. Once the samples cooled, the surface was marred with ripples and lacked the sharp, smooth edges we were striving towards.

Second Building On The Right (You can scan Lab Equipment in the room) - There is a terminal in this room and two lootable containers.

Terminal Entries - Second Right Building

PLAY: Audio Log

There is no email for PLAY: Audio Log entry. Reading this entry starts an audio log about a Roekaar bringing a slice of elmohk to an Archeologist at the Forge but not speaking to them.

REQUEST: Equipment Upgrades
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Droka Sidyr
From: Taumen Bjartan

I know we discussed in person, but Vestyr believes that with just a few resources from the Resistance, he could make the upgrades we desperately need. We could finally determine the exact date the Forge was created. Aren't you tired of saying, "Some time before the Scourge"? We've been studying the site for years. We should have this answered by now.

REQUEST: Equipment Upgrades
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Taumen Bjartan
From: Droka Sidyr

Like I told you before, I'm not against the upgrades, but we're in the middle of a war. The Resistance already goes out of their way to provide us with food, ammunition, and whatever materials they can find. I can't ask Evfra for more. You'll just have to make do with what we have.

REQUEST: Equipment Upgrades
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Droka Sidyr
From: Taumen Bjartan

What about the Roekaar, then? Akksul was once a scientist in his own right. Maybe he'd help us?

REQUEST: Equipment Upgrades
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Taumen Bjartan
From: Droka Sidyr

I'll reach out. No promises. And don't send another request about this until I've gotten back to you.

Building In The Center To The Left (You can scan Containment Cells on the floor) - There is a terminal in this room and two lootable containers.

Terminal Entries - Center Left Building

PLAY: Audio Log

There is no email for PLAY: Audio Log entry. Reading this entry starts an audio log about an Archeologist's skeptical thoughts about Akksul.

Translated from Shelesh:

Confirmed by: Grydeer Calfri

Nutrient Paste: 4 Vats
Medical Supplies: 1 Crate
Batteries: 4 Containment Cells
Glass Products (lens, cylinders, beakers): 3 Crates
Miscellaneous Equipment: 2 Crates

COMPLAINT: Roekaar Supplies
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Droka Sidyr
From: Grydeer Calfri

Either convince the Roekaar to share their supplies and let me do my job to catalogue all this, or tell them to get out of my storage room! The logs have never been such a mess. You'd think they'd be happy to have someone itemize their skkut, but they won't let me near a single crate. You invited them here. Do something about this.

Building In The Center To The Right (You can scan an Angaran Relic on the floor) - There is a datapad in this room, a lootable container, the Angaran Relic can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange, and the Nutrient Paste can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.

Datapad - Center Right Building

Personal Log: Freedah
Translated from Shelesh:

I can't believe it! I'm finally here—the Forge. Curator Droka insisted on a short rest before we visited the site, but I can hardly sit still. Helgaar and I have waited years to be selected. We'll finally see the markings in person… maybe even be the first to translate them!

Investigating all of the buildings will reveal minor loot, datapads, consoles with audio logs, and remarks from Jaal. Piecing together the data reveals that the Roekaar were invited in to support the scientists at the Forge, only to seize control of the facility in a bloodless coup, declaring their intent to defend angaran culture.

As you approach the navpoint exit door, repeating propaganda broadcasts from Akksul can be overheard. Opening the door starts a cutscene that reveals two Roekaar, who are surprised to see Jaal, and even more surprised to see Ryder.

After killing the Roekaar, there is a datapad in the room that can be read for additional details.

Translated from Shelesh:

Inform Akksul that the govataan has been thoroughly searched. All civilians are accounted for.

Defeat the Roekaar Edit

The next door leads into a courtyard. Several Roekaar have a good tactical position here, on top of a small cliff and on the buildings behind. More will arrive by shuttle shortly, but all of the Roekaar are simple grunts except for one Sharpshooter, and powers should make short work of them.

There is an Angaran Integrated Tech Node that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange in the center of the area.

Lower Right Building (You can scan Pantry Supplies) - There are two datapads in this room, a Pantry Supplies can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange, and a lootable container.

Datapads - Lower Right Building

Ration Report
Translated from Shelesh:

The supplies shipped in with the latest recruits, along with the nutrient paste left by the researchers, should keep us stocked for the foreseeable future. That said, we always see a boost in morale after a fresh shipment of elmohk arrives. A little luxury goes a long way with the young ones.

Ration Schedule
Translated from Shelesh:

Novoa Vaa: Nutrient Paste
Novoa Ema: Paripos
Novoa Roa: Elmohk
Novoa Fev: Nutrient Paste
Novoa Bav: Nutrient Paste
Novoa Sabay: Garpana
Novoa Tef: Paripos

Upper Right Building - There are three lootable containers in this room.

Outside of the Upper Right Building is a datapad on a crate.

Personal Log: Ovir
Translated from Shelesh:

With the researchers gone, the govataan is quiet. Unnervingly so. I thought I'd find a place in the Roekaar among like-minded brothers and sisters... but no one talks to each other. Akksul hasn't left the Forge in days. Something is wrong.

Left Building - There is a terminal in this room and two lootable containers.

Terminal - Left Building

PLAY: Audio Log

There is no email for PLAY: Audio Log entry. Reading this entry starts an audio log from an Archeologist about having to leave the Forge. A few resisted leaving and were forced to leave by violence.

Upcoming Visit
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Ceifar Fahlen
From: Tefin Fahlen

I'm sorry, ongaan—I need to delay my visit a little longer. A very special person has come to bosen's work: His name is Akksul, and he is like Dregnar from the stories your brother reads you—a strong and honorable fighter for our people. Bosen must listen to this man—go where he goes, do what he says, just like you listen to your mothers. I promise to bring you a gift to make up for my absence. I can't wait to see how tall you've grown, ongaan.

Stars light your way,

Are you crazy?
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Fehaa Elaar
From: Dogen Elaar

Jefaan says you deserted? That you're living on Kadara? What the skkut happened? Our mothers are worried. I'm worried. Get back to me.

Re: Are you crazy?
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Dogen Elaar
From: Fehaa Elaar

Should've known Jefaan couldn't keep his mouth shut. Yes, I'm on Kadara. No, I won't go back to the Resistance. I'm done with this war, Dogen. I've killed enough. You're safe in your lab—you don't understand… the kett… When that human rescued the Moshae, they found out the kett were once us. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. All this time, I've been killing our people. I can't go back. I won't.

Besides, I kind of like Kadara. It's not nearly as bad as our mothers made it out to be. So don't worry about me, bosora.

As before, the buildings in this area contain loot, some conversations with Jaal, terminals, and datapads. An audio log reveals the fate of the missing scientists; the Roekaar moved them out of the Forge by force, claiming that it was for their own protection. Where they went is not made clear.

Return power to the Door Edit

A door up the hill and to the south leads out of the govataan. The door has no power, but a quick scan reveals a nearby generator.

Scan the Generator Edit

Head to the generator and scan the generator.

Activate the Generator Edit

Activate the generator and return to the now powered door. opening the door leads to a small room and another door. Head through the second door.

Cross the Ravine Edit

Past the door the path leads to a bridge over a ravine, which the Roekaar immediately blow up. Head to the navpoint at the now destroyed bridge.

The ravine is too wide to jump, but descending to the ledge below makes the jump manageable. A new navpoint on the lower ledge appears. When Ryder reaches the lower ledge, another navpoint across the ravine appears. This jump is manageable. Make the jump and Roekaar forces show up.

Climb Past the Roekaar Edit

The jump put the squad at the bottom of a hill, with Roekaar dug in at the top and more arriving by shuttle. There is good cover on the left side while ascending, and a cautious advance should not be too difficult. Defeat the Roekaar forces.

After a conversation on an upper ledge where Jaal and the other squadmate admire the view, scan three nearby Angaran Ruins for +10 Rd icon heleus orange each (+30 Rd icon heleus orange total) and an Angaran Integrated Tech Node on a lower ledge a little to the north for +100 Rd icon heleus orange. There are three lootable containers and a datapad on a crate.

Dispatch from Akksul
Translated from Shelesh:

Starting today, only the most faithful will be allowed inside the Forge. New recruits must be vetted by Akksul.

Jump up the ledge to the navpoint and a cutscene starts.

You will be fired upon by Roekaar defending the "nest." Fortunately, the checkpoint turns out to be manned by Jaal's brothers Baranjj and Lathoul, and their sister Teviint.

Baranjj and Teviint aren't interested in cooperation with the new Milky Way aliens, but Lathoul reveals that Akksul is planning to blow up the Forge with bombs stolen from the Initiative, and frame the Initiative as enemies of the angara. Teviint, furious with this, shoots Lathoul in the back. Horrified by her own actions, she runs off with Baranjj. Lathoul tells Ryder that he's not too badly injured, and that Ryder must stop the bombs from detonating.

Find the Bombs Edit

Follow the navpoint down the passage leads to the area with the bombs and several Roekaar.

The following objectives aren't added until Ryder engages the Roekaar. Note: Shooting at a long distance with a sniper rifle will start the timer and objectives.

Disarm Bombs before Detonation Edit

A three minute timer starts for the bombs' detonation and more Roekaar will arrive by shuttle in a minute. You will have to disarm all four bombs, while shooting is going on all over the place. If you have Tactical Cloak, this can be used to help with disarming the bombs. Using the cloak while running between the bombs reduces the difficulty of the fight against the Roekaar and the timer.

Eliminate the Roekaar Edit

After neutralizing the bomb threats, eliminate the remaining Roekaar and the reinforcements.

Warning: If you want to collect remains from fallen enemies, do so before deactivating the last bomb. It is entirely possible to defeat all of the enemies first and save one bomb to collect all items in the area. Deactivating the last bomb automatically starts a cutscene once the Roekaar are all dead and the area is no longer available.

When the fight is over, Teviint comes running very sorry for, as she believes, killing her brother. She's relieved to discover that she did not, and just wants to go home.

Akksul now appears and tries to provoke Ryder to attack him. Jaal warns "Don't."

When Akksul is calling Jaal a traitor and is preparing to shoot him, you are given an Interrupt option to shoot Akksul first. Doing this will make Akksul a martyr and strengthen the Roekaar's cause. Letting Akksul take the shot will reveal that his aim is poor - at point blank range. Akksul will lose support from his followers by showing how deep he has fallen.

The squad then returns to the angaran camp in Havarl and there is a family reunion.

Whether you shot Akksul or not Jaal will tell you what he thinks of about what happened.

Aftermath Edit

If Ryder killed Akksul:
Jaal will be upset with you for a time, and will refuse to talk to you on the Tempest until the next Priority Ops mission.

However, you receive the following email:

You did the right thing

To: Ryder
From: Lathoul

Whatever Jaal or anyone else says -- I, for one, am glad you killed Akksul. The things he could make people do... it's better that he's dead.

Thank you.


If Ryder let Akksul survive:
You will receive this email:

No Subject

To: Ryder
From: Akksul


"To hate blindly is as dangerous as to trust blindly." An old angaran proverb, one of many I have forgotten somewhere along the way.

This is not an apology. I don't know if I will ever be able to look upon an alien and not feel hatred. But what I did to Jaal was wrong. So I must try.


There are several minor dialogue changes about the status of the Roekaar later in the game, but there don't seem to be any substantive effects on choosing to kill Akksul or not.

Rewards Edit

  • +1330 XP
  • Jaal Ama Darav's Rank 6 Skills are now unlocked.
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