MEA Journal - Jaal
After the Roekaar's failed attack on Prodromos, Jaal received a message from Akksul.

Acquisition Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Check your email Edit

Message from Akksul
To: Ryder
From: Jaal


I've received a message from Akksul.

Forwarding it to the meeting room. You should see this.


Acknowledge the email to obtain the next objective.

Play Akksul's message in the meeting room Edit

Akksul says Jaal doesn't deserve his family name because he is working with the aliens. Jaal believes that Akksul wants them to do something reckless. He will not be given that pleasure.

Ryder receives +1330 XP after the conversation is over.

A new objective is now added.

Wait for Akksul to make his next move Edit

You need to land on any planet. On the next return to the Tempest, there is a new email from Jaal.

Need To Speak With You
To: Ryder
From: Jaal


I've received an update on Akksul. It isn't good. Please come see me in my room.


The mission then completes and the follow-up mission Jaal Ama Darav: Flesh and Blood starts automatically. This mission subheading also disappears from the journal.

Note: There is no message on the screen about the mission completion.

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