Jace Reyn is a freelancer mercenary, formerly a soldier for the Blue Suns.

According to Zaeed Massani, Jace is an inexperienced kid but is as strong as a varren and twice as loyal. He stayed loyal to Zaeed during the former Blue Sun leader's fall from the group.

After a skirmish with some black-armored Eclipse mercs Zaeed approaches him with a job proposal about bringing down the Verrikan. Jace proudly shows off his custom rifle, an M-8 Avenger modded with everything he could get his hands on. Aware of Zaeed's "Jessie", he named his "Bessie". Zaeed reckons Jace is his biggest fan, whether he likes it or not.

Jace sticks by Zaeed during the initial boarding action at the Verrikan, weathering setbacks with good cheer. Once they finally make it inside Jace is tasked by Zaeed along with the other merc Tristana to be his diversion team while he heads straight to the frigate's bridge.

Tristana and Jace take up positions between a door and a barricade, slaughtering turians as they come. Even while facing heavy fire, Jace deems the shooting fun as he had more than enough ammunition to hold until Zaeed does his thing. His partner isn't as enthused, deeming it a waste of time. Tristana unlocks the door, slips in, and seals it behind her, leaving Jace to do the holding action alone and much to the human's terror.

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