Jahleed is a volus found in the C-Sec Academy, attempting to get one of the officers to take his case. He claims his work partner, a salarian scientist called Chorban, is trying to kill him and asks Commander Shepard to confront Chorban on his behalf.

Mass Effect

In fact, Jahleed has an ulterior motive. He and Chorban were colleagues who stole a medical scanner from their workplace, and adapted it to scan the keepers. Jahleed was supposed to analyse the data and disseminate their findings, but instead decided to keep the data for himself. Chorban began following Jahleed to retrieve the data; thus Jahleed hoped to get someone to 'take care' of his colleague.

When Shepard discovers the truth, the Commander must choose how to deal with Jahleed. Shepard can scan the keepers at Jahleed's request, letting him continue his clandestine research, or tell Jahleed to do the research legally.

If Shepard wants to punish Jahleed, the Commander can order him to quit his research and walk away. Alternatively, Shepard can call the C-Sec officer over and say Jahleed has admitted stealing from his workplace. Jahleed protests, but the C-Sec officer tells him to save it for his lawyer.


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