Jaroth is a salarian who leads the Eclipse mercenaries on Omega.

Jaroth is the leader of the Eclipse mercenaries at Omega, who shipped tainted element zero across Citadel space. He makes an alliance with Tarak and Garm to take down the vigilante Archangel. Jaroth himself holds a personal grudge against Archangel, who in the last month killed his brother when raiding one of the Eclipse transports. He suggests that when the freelancers are killed he will send LOKI Mechs to take down Archangel. The next part of the plan was for Eclipse, the Blue Suns and the Blood Pack to overthrow Aria. Despite being Eclipse he's not wearing the standard Eclipse uniform, much like Captain Wasea.

Jaroth will become hostile once Commander Shepard helps Archangel and will lead a group of mercenaries in an attempt to overrun them. He is killed, but not before deploying a YMIR Mech, which Shepard has the option to sabotage beforehand.

Capabilities Edit


Jaroth is an Engineer, but is only armed with an M-6 Carnifex Pistol. He can also use Incinerate and Combat Drone.


Jaroth possesses strong shielding and armor, and has moderate health.

Tactics Edit

Provided you sabotaged the YMIR Mech, then the fight with Jaroth is not that difficult, as the Mech will distract him, dealing significant damage and potentially even killing him for you. If the Mech was not sabotaged, use abilities such as Overload or Disruptor Ammo on his shields, followed by a headshot or two with a Sniper Rifle or Heavy Pistol to finish him off.

Jaroth's Message to TarakEdit

I've spoken to Garm, and he and his men are on board. Assuming this operation is successful, we can count on high morale and extensive buy-in from the men. From the losses we've already taken, possibility exists that we won't have the men needed to continue on to the next objective. It's clear, though that none of our organizations would be ready to move on Aria without the assistance of the other two.

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