Jarun Tann is a salarian bureaucrat. He is described as craving power but also well-meaning, in over his head but trying to hide, self-important but with seeds of insecurity.


Born on Sur'Kesh, Tann's application to the Andromeda Initiative lists his previous work experience as "Senior Consultant, Advanced Matrix-Based Accounting" with hobbies in model ship building and "travel...someday".

Jarun was originally appointed Deputy Assistant for Revenue Management within the Andromeda Initiative, but after the seven leaders above him perished when the Nexus collided with the Scourge in 2818, including Initiative founder Jien Garson, he was thrust into the role of Director of the Initiative. Lacking Garson's charisma, Jarun has an uneasy relationship with the other Initiative leaders and is frequently derided as a less than ideal placeholder. His dealings with Nakmor Kesh are especially tense due to Jarun's prejudice against krogan.


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